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VirtueMart PDF Invoice Generator

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VM Invoice is component for automated generation PDF invoices and/or dispatch notes for your e-shop VirtueMart.  It enables to create PDF invoices, invoice generation based on order status change and settings for adjustable invoice appearance. 

It can generate PDF invoices and despatch notes based on VirtueMart purchases (orders). These may be emailed to customers automatically or made available for download in the customer area. VM Invoice offers a complete and reliable solution for the management of your invoices.


  • generate PDF invoices for VirtueMart customers from their orders
  • generate delivery / dispatch notes (optionally)
  • manual or fully automated operation
  • create new VirtueMart orders / invoices manually: ideal e.g. when accepting orders via phone, fax or other channels; includes creating new customer or selecting existing one, selecting shipping & payment methods and adding items to order / invoice; the feature is AJAX based so the work with it is really fast and easy
  • PDF invoice template editor using WYSIWYG
  • batch VirtueMart orders and invoices processing
  • Can send invoices to customers' emails
  • easy integration with VirtueMart order list on Joomla front-end enables on-click invoice downloads for logged-in users
  • tax summary block for EU customers

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  • Excellent extension, I recommend it. It is easy to configure and has perfect performance. Conrado, Badalona, Spain
  • Vm Invoice is the most perfect extension for invoices and order management I've found so far. Easily generates invoices, delivery notes and sends them out automatically. Even better, the lay-out is easily customizable. Ingmar, Netherlands
  • Configurable process management - invoice generation based on order status change
  • Adjustable invoice appearance with custom fields available
  • All law-requested invoice info: issue date, taxation date, due date, independent numbering sequence with custom prefix, etc.
  • Possibility to include shop logo and stamp in invoices
  • Support for invoice background images
Invoice List With ToolsGenerated Invoice ExampleIntegrating Invoice Download at FrontendEasy PDF Invoice Template Editing in WYSIWYGCreate New VirtueMart Orders or Adjust Existing

VirtueMart PDF Invoices Video


VM Invoice is a commercial Joomla! component licensed under GNU GPL license.


VM Invoice is compatible with Joomla CMS 1.5.x + VirtueMart 1.1.x. tested on Joomla 1.5.26 with VirtueMart 1.1.19.
and also with Joomla CMS 1.6/1.7/2.5 + VirtueMart 2.6.x. Actually tested on Joomla 2.5.19 with VirtueMart 2.6.

VM Invoice 3 is compatible with Joomla 2.5, 3.4.1 and VirtueMart 3.0.9
and with Joomla 3.6 and VirtueMart 3.0.19.

Joomla CMS 1.5 native compatibleJoomla CMS 1.6 native compatible Joomla CMS 1.7 compatibleJoomla CMS 2.5 compatiblecompat 30


1) as VirtueMart is being developed intensivelly and new version often contain many bugfixes and improvements compared to older versions, we do NOT guarantee full functionality with the versions of VirtueMart OLDER than the ones we have tested with during the current VM Invoice release and that are specifed above (Tested with ...). When a new version of VM is released, we aim to test with and support it in the shortest time possible.
2) we guaratnee only compatibility between VM Invoice and default VirtueMart payment and shipment plugins. We are not responsible for incompatibility with 3rd payment and shippment plugins.

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