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Openbravo-Magento Connector: OBM Bridge


€ 3.500

OBM Bridge is set of tools for real-time data exchange between Openbravo ERP and Magento E-Commerce. It ensures online synchronization of all major data entities from Openbravo to Magento. Openbravo acts as primary system for data management with possibility of importing orders and new customer data from Magento.

The connector consists of two modules. The first, developed for Openbravo, enables to recevice orders, new customers and other data from Magento and processes them in the ERP system. The second is a Magento extension, which extends default set of Magento web services and allows importing information about new categories, products, changed orders etc. from Openbravo. It also expands functionality on both sides to allow usage of the best features from both.

Using this data bridge, Openbravo can act as primary management interface for the Magento-based e-commerce website. It is not required anymore to login into Magento admin panel to modify products, create new categories etc. All these actions can be done in Openbravo and all gets automatically synchronized into Magento. Additionaly, compared to competition, OB Brige supports whole set of advanced Magento features, that are not common in out e-store systems, such as product variants, grouped products, multi-stores and many more.

OBM Bridge connects Openbravo ERP and Magento e-commerce

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  • The very best Openbravo-Magento integration We have installed the ARTIO Openbravo-Magento bridge in one customer for their e-commerce platform, and the result is excelent. I will recommend this solution for an ERP and e-commerce integration. Javier Frances, Spain
  • Data synchronization from Openbravo to Magento
  • Data synchronization from Magento to Opebravo
  • Support for Magento multi-store
  • Customization options through Openbravo Configuration Panel
  • Adds Magento configurable product support to Openbravo
  • Online product image synchronization from Openbravo to Magento
  • Adds option to assign one product to multiple categories in Openbravo
For full description of data sets support and features, check the list of OBM Bridge features.

OBM Bridge Screenshots

Images below show settings of OB Bridge and also two key features: manage product attributes and assignment product to more categories.

Secondary CategoryAttribute Set ValuesWebstoreStore ViewShip MethodPrice List

OB Bridge Video Presentation

Order Synchronisation

Product Synchronisation

Business Partner Synchronisation



OB Bridge is set of modules for Openbravo and Magento that integrates these systems. One license gives right to install OB Bridge under one Openbravo installation. One Openbravo instance with OB Bridge could be associate with one Magento e-commerce installation including several store views.

Price includes general support services and free updates for 12 months from the purchase date. Get updates and supports for next years costs just 30% of the origin price.

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