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Support Tutorial
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1. Introduction to ARTIO Support

This document contains introduction to an innovative way of providing support for open-source projects by ARTIO. We have decided for this step, as our personal capacity did not allow us to answer all questions in timely matter as we wanted, when we provided support through Support Forums and e-mail communication.

The support system is based on the ticketing system. Please, see the support workflow below:


Please note that the old ways of providing support will not be maintained anymore.

We will keep our Support Forums public, but from now on, it will only be suited for a community support, not activelly followed by ARTIO.

All official customer support request must be entered through our ticketing system at

1.1.Support Types

There are three main types of support we provide:

  • Ticket – is intended for all customers that use our components based on active product license or other open-source system supported by us and have a question or problem related to installation, configuration, settings etc. This limiting condition for a case to fall within this category is, that no source code investigation or changes are needed to reply the question. Also, in this case, we do not normally perform any changes at customer site directly, we only give customers hints to do so on his own.

  • Custom development – is intended for customers who need to add new feature, extend the product functionality or have a specific technical question, that goes over the scope of a Ticket – that is, which would require a source-code investigation.

  • Shared development– is in principle same as custom development but an issue (such as new feature request) may be suggested and shared with other users, who can “join” by helping to co-finance the development together. The costs of the development per a sharing user can be so quite minor.

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