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Support Tutorial - First Steps

Support Tutorial
First Steps
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2. I Need Help! First Steps to Apply for Support

2.1.Log-In or Create a New Account

To be able to enter a new support ticket or development request, first you need to be logged at site.


You can login through the box highlighted at the following image.
If you do not have account created yet, you can to register at our site for free. This you can do easily by clicking on the Create an account link.

If you have already purchased some product form us, your account might have been created automatically during the checkout process. In case you have purchased our product as an unregistered user and want to have your previous orders paired with the new account, please contact our support team by email. In such case, please, send us your order number and account login name and we will pair them together.


After you log-in, click the Support Available link at the User Dashboard, Support item in the left menu or Support icon.

2.2.Support Dashboard


User's Support Dashboard provides overview of ticket statistics, how many tickets/support hours are available, list of previously created tickets and list of shared issues and their statuses.

  • Tickets/Support hours available – how many tickets/hours you have available for use. If you do not have enough tickets/hours you need to purchase more through our e-shop.

  • My Tickets – view all your created tickets and their status

  • New Tickets – by clicking this link you can create a new issue and send it to us

  • New Development – by clicking this link you can start/suggest new private or shared development task that you need

  • Shared Issues – view all shared issues suggested by you or other users

  • Buy Support Tickets – by clicking this link you will be re-directed to our e-shop where you can purchase more support tickets

  • Buy Support Hours – by clicking this link you will be re-directed to our e-shop where you can purchase more support/development hours


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