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3. Tickets

3.1.What a Support Ticket Is

Support Tickets are intended for users that have purchased one of our components or need a general help with the supported open-source system (such as Joomla, Magento, …). The ticket scope is limited to a question related to installation and configuration, settings etc.

Please note that in case a source-code investigation is necessary for the issue resolution, such case does not fall within a Support Ticket category anymore, but falls within development services.

In you issue falls withing a Ticket Support, you can start a new issue by clicking the New Ticket link.

3.2.Starting New Support Issue


To create a new support issue, start by clicking the New Ticket link at the Support Dashboard or in the left menu.

At the next screen, first you need to select a product and platform that the issue is related to. Choosing the combination of product and platform may reveal more form fields with additional questions that need to be specified (such as product version, web-server information, etc.) so we can solve the issue effectively.

In the next section, please describe your problem in detail. Try to provide maximum information describing the problem, such as full error outputs, behavior, steps to replicate a problem, etc. The more information you provide the faster the issue resolution may be.

At the Priority field please choose the importance of the problem to you – whether it is a minor issue or a major blocker. Please choose this responsibly. Note that this field is just informative for us.


In some cases, we may need to gain access to your site in order to see or replicate the problem. In such case, please provide us with the credentials that we can use to access your site. Your credentials are safe with us and will only be used to assist you with the issue. After the issue is closed, they are deleted and not archived in any way. Still it is reasonable to create a temporary credentials for such purpose that will be deleted later.

You can also add screen-shots showing the problem or error message reports. Any information can help us to solve your problem more quickly and effectively.

Finalize your issue submission by clicking the Create button.

3.3.Obtaining Support Tickets

To be able to start a new support issue, you need to have a positive ticket balance at your account. The balance is shown at the Support Dashboard – see the values bellow the Tickets available.

When you purchase some of our components, together with the component, you will be usually provided also a specific number of the support tickets. Different editions of components (Paid/VIP) can contain different amount of the support tickets included. The number of tickets under you account will be increased automatically when your order turns into the Confirmed status.

If you need more support tickets in addition those that were provided with the purchase of a component, you can purchase them in our e-store at

3.4.Buying Additional Support Tickets

At the Support Dashboard or in the left menu, click the Buy Tickets link or visit the URL


At the product page in the e-shop, choose the desired amount of tickets you want to purchase by clicking on +/- button. We do provide volume discounts, so purchasing multiple tickets at once will be rewarded with a better per-ticket price.


If you already have a user account with us, make sure you are logged-in when purchasing or log-in to you existing account during the checkout. This is important so that the tickets purchased are credited to the correct account. After your order is confirmed the tickets purchased will be credited to your account.

3.5.Ticket Support Workflow

Communication about the issues goes completely through our support ticket system. You can view our replies and comments, as well as yours at the issue detail page.

  1. Once we receive your issue submission, it will be assigned a unique Issue number and our support team starts to solve your ticket. In case your problem/question is out of support ticket scope - related to functionality or features that are not supported at the moment, we may suggest you custom/shared development.

  2. When we send you feedback, the issue status will change from new to re-opened. By clicking the issue number in the opened issues list, you can open the Issue Detail page, where you can see our recent feedback as well as the full issue communication history. Any reply from us will also be sent to you by e-mail.

  3. To reply us back, you can choose if you wish to answer it by simply replying the e-mail or through our website. When replying the e-mail, make sure not to modify the e-mail subject and to reply above the indicated line. Otherwise, the auto-processing of your reply may fail and your email may get discarded. When answering though our site, at the Issue Detail page, you can click the Add Message link, write your comment and submit using the Send Message button.



3.6.General Recommendations

There is a few general recommendations you follow when you apply for a support:

  1. Backup – always perform a backup of your site before opening an issue; during doing changes when resolving the issue, something may go wrong so it is always better to be sure, you can revert back to previous state; Please note that we are not responsible for backing up your site even if you provide us with credentials, so always do this.

  2. Create temporary credentials – when providing credentials, even if we guarantee we will not archive them and delete them after the issue is resolved, it is advisable not to send your own or permanent credentials, but to create a temporary ones, that you remove afterwards; you are doing this for your site security.

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