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Software Development

Software development and programming is our primary activity. We offer both own products to be adjusted and implemented for particular customer and complete on-demand development services.  Our main domain are databases and related applications as information systems, portals and web applications and interconnections of these, but also SW for special purpose systems as monitoring and controling systems or desktop applications. In web development, we implement on-line publishing systems such as CMS (content management), e-business applications, intranet information systems and their add-on components.

We are aware and follow the best software engineering practices that suits the project needs.

Our motivation

Software Development CycleIn contrast to many other companies, we have skilled proffessionals who are aware of the best practices in software engineering and whos primary effort is to consult your demands and requirements and help you find the best solution. We want to offer what our customers really want and what works. It is often difficult for customer who are not IT proffesinals to specify the demands in the way that both parties would understand. We know this and before we start any project, we are ready to deeply discuss with customers about their business goals to save their resources and prevent development of something that would turn unusable or inappropriatelly expensive.

Tools, technologies and platforms

Our workers are proffesinals in many tools, technologies and platforms such as: Java, C#, PHP, Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, Web services, SQL databases, semantic web tools (RDF, OWL) in Windows, Linux and Unix environmets. However, we are not limited to those listed and we are ready to adopt to new technologies if our customers or project require them. Our big advantage is flexibility.

Programming for Windows Phone

We are skilled in the software development for Windows Phone platform. Apps for cells could be created exactly according to your needs. We have already experiences with programming apps for phones and design their UI.


More on projects we have already realized can be found in Projects section of this site.

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