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Animiert Flash Grafe für Joomla: FusionCharts

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* free edition has certain limitations, see Editions Comparison for details

Animated and interactive JavaScript charts for CMS Joomla allow you create exciting JavaScript charts and easily integrate them into your Joomla sites. Component helps you add to website article unique charts and graphs that impress your customers.

You can create Column, Line and Pie charts for your single-series or multi-series data. FusionCharts provides you the necessary chart types and features that cover all your basic charting needs. Creating a chart for your Joomla articles is extremely easy thanks to the Intuitive User Interface.

Reasons to use charts for Joomla

  • Animated and interactive charts help you easily impress your customers
  • Quick to install and easy to get started
  • All the charts support extensive drill downs
  • ARTIO FusionCharts is commercially Open Source
  • Trusted by over 12,000 customers across 110 countries
  • Cross-platform compatible charting component
  • Interactive tooltips to show detailed information.
  • Intuitive UI with easy customization

How Much Do JavaScript Charts Cost?

ARTIO FusionCharts for Joomla component is free. Extension integrates FusionCharts Free with Joomla’s native work environment. We are providing also paid version of ARTIO FusionCharts, which offers additional charts with nicer appearance.

FusionCharts is the world's leading Free and open source JavaScript charting solution which is used by more than 100,000 developers all over the world.

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    • The looks of the graphs are really cool and very customizable. If you need something on top though (plus some more and animated graphs) that easily drives graphs from database connections you'll need a paid license, but for me this was totally worth it. Olaf, Germany

1. Animated and interactive charts help you easily impress your customers and bosses

FusionCharts adds spice to your otherwise monotonous data, thereby inducing life into your web applications. With a plethora of customizations options, you can configure how you want your reports to look like. We promise that FusionCharts never fails to elicit a “wow” from your target audience when they first look at it.

2. Quick to install and easy to get started

With FusionCharts, you can get going in less than 30 minutes. The installation is a mere copy-paste process. Post that, our elaborate documentation and bouquet of code samples will let you get started in minutes.

3. Cross-platform and cross-script compatible charting component

Irrespective of whether you’re using ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP or some other exotic scripting language or database, FusionCharts can work with all of them. And add to that – it delivers the same output across all the browsers as well. So your users always see what you want them to see.

4. A variety of chart types and maps to offer

FusionCharts is the most comprehensive JavaScript Charting solution in the world that offers over 75 chart types and over 450 maps for you to choose from. Many charts are first of its kind on the web that help you explore your data from different dimensions.

5. Interactive features like true 3D capabilities, scrolling charts, saving as image

All the charts in FusionCharts suite offer highly interactive options like tool-tips, exporting as image, contextual printing and much more. Additionally, you also get some exciting 3D capabilities in our true-3D chart, pie/donut charts and funnel/pyramid charts.

6. All the charts support extensive drill downs

Irrespective of how many layers of data you might have, FusionCharts can always help you efficiently show the optimum data enhanced with drill-down capabilities. We support drill-downs in same window, new window, pop-up windows, frames, JavaScript links or even AJAX driven modules. The best part is that implementing drill-downs is as simple as creating a basic chart.

7. AJAX enabled charts that can update and render at client side

All the charts in FusionCharts are AJAX enabled. This allows you to update your chart at client side without you having to refresh the page. This adds a whole new level of dynamicity to your web applications creating a more fluid interface and decreasing your server load.

8. FusionCharts is commercially Open Source

The Enterprise license of FusionCharts gives you access to the full source of FusionCharts. You can create brand-new charts using the existing libraries or build upon our extensive frame-work to create the custom feature that you need.

9. Affordable licensing that saves you thousands of dollars

Unlike most other charting components, we do NOT charge you per-production server or per-test server. We do not restrict you when you plan to scale up. Instead, all our licenses allow unlimited test and production servers with any number of CPUs in them. We charge per developer or per company, with most licenses allowing more than one website as well.

10. Trusted by over 12,000 customers and 250,000 users across 110 countries

FusionCharts is trusted and used by over 12,000 customers and 250,000 people across 110 countries. Our customer list boasts of a majority of Fortune 500 companies. The lists includes the whos-who of each industry including Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, GE, Cisco, Sungard, Expedia,, EMC, TIBCO etc.


Chart Types

See what chart types the FusionCharts for Joomla can generate.


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