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OBM Bridge

> Integrating Openbravo and Magento

OBM Bridge Features

The table below shows what entities get synchronized between Openbravo and Magento. The OBM Bridge connector ensures that Openbravo can act as primary system for managing a Magento-based e-commerce website. No administrative work in Magento is needed. 

  Magento -> Openbravo Openbravo -> Magento
Product No Yes
Customer  Yes Yes
Order  Yes Yes
Invoice  No Yes
Shipment  No Yes
Payment  Yes No
Product Category  No Yes
Product Pictures  No Yes
Product Discounts No Yes
Stock Status Yes Yes
Related Products No Yes
Coupon/Voucher No Yes
Customer Category No Yes
Product Attribute No Yes
Product Attribute Set No Yes
Product Characteristics No Yes
Generic and Variant Products No Yes
Shipping Yes Yes
Credit memo  No No

CompleTE solution for Openbravo and Magento

OBM Bridge ensures full integration of Magneto with Openbravo. Its key features include: automatic processing of stock data updates, multi-categories support in Openbravo and add also adds support for concept of the configurable products to Openbravo.

Common scenario of OBM Bridge usage:

  1. New product category is synchronized from Openbravo to Magento
  2. New product, including products variants, created in Openbravo is synchronized to Magento
  3. Prices and stock is updated in Magento
  4. Registered customer in Magento is sync. to Openbravo
  5. New order and payment (for exmaple PayPal) is moved from Magento to Openbravo
  6. When order is processing, order status in Magento is updated
  7. Stock status of product is updated in Magento
  8. New shipments are synchronized from Openbravo to Magento 

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