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Koongo is Feed and Affiliate Marketing tool that lets a merchant connect a Magento store to over five hundred selling channels in various countries without any complications. It means, exploiting this powerful tool, you become capable of expanding the market to international, attract plenty of new clients, and boost the profit painlessly. Over and above, Koongo doesn’t demand proficient knowledge in programming, so every merchant is able to employ this tool effortlessly.

Benefits of Koongo Feed and Marketing Tool

  • The main benefit you get using Koongo is the simplicity of adding a Magento store to over five hundred selling platforms in more than a quarter of all countries. In other words, you become capable of erasing the boundaries between countries and expand your eCommerce business to the international market. 
  • Another benefit is the possibility to examine the performance of selling and marketing channels. Koongo allows the user to figure out which of the channels work best for the eCommerce business and which bring a low return on investment.
  • Furthermore, with Koongo you won’t get a headache from the feeds updating: following the predefined rules, feeds will be updated automatically as soon as you have changed any product characteristic.
  • In case you prefer to work multi-way, Koongo will provide you with API for Amazon, eBay, Marktplaats, and others. API lets you deal with orders made on different selling platforms from a single back office.
  • Koongo makes it possible to set various prices for each selling channel. Therefore, you can sell the same item on one selling platform for a more expensive price than on another one. It can be either fixed or percentage margin.
  • One more benefit is mapping your store categories on the category tree of selling platforms. This process helps Magento store to crawl, and if you have Koongo at hand, it does not take a plenty of efforts.
  • With Koongo, you can upload feeds to a remote server via FTP and then perform further feed handling and integrating with advanced CRM systems.
  • Koongo enables you to define a number of rules for product filtering according to its attributes.

Koongo Team

Koongo as a brand was made widely known not long ago, however, its developers have been dealing with online marketing and cross-border sales for nine years. Koongo team strives for perfect support. As the team works in different countries, it makes possible to provide around-the-clock weekday support for the Koongo users. In case you have a critical issue, you will get support even during the weekend. Moreover, you can always find relevant online documentation on their site.

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