Menu Content is a online magazine style website based onthumb_online_szen Joomla! CMS system. However it includes many individual features, such as advanced sport statistics, livescores with live results, sport tv programme, discussion forums, live chat and many more.

The sport data are statistics from several sources that are combined on the DB level into a one huge data repository with many detailed information. The data are actualized every 60s. This information is provided to further subjects based on XMLRPC client-server technology.

Ostrava, 20.04.2007 - We have created a new website based on Joomla! CMS devoted to online betting - This web includes many customized modules such as sport statistics, livescores, tv programme and many more. It also has fully SEO URLs using JoomSEF compoment. - Internetové sázení v pohodlí vašeho domova

This project is primarly a web-magazine style portal with information about betting on Internet. It provides visitors with reviews of different online betting companies, information about their services and mutual compartions. It firther brigs most recent news from sport area, as well as analysis and background information.

Users have possibility to register themselves and share their opinions or betitng tips in discussion forums and in a live chat.

To offer additional value, the sport statistics from different sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball, handball, basebal and others are available. It also offers the most recent LIVE results of many games and matches worldwide.

Sport and livescore information are gathered from several sources and joined into a single huge resources, that is additionally provided to exertnal entities using XMLRPC client-server technology.

Last, but not least we offer a TV programme, that brings information about the sport events in TV that you can watch on more than 30 channels.

To see it live, visit the site about betting from the comfort of your home.

So far, this website is in czech langauge only.

Technologies involved include:

  1. Joomla! Content Management System
  2. XMLRPC client-server technology
  4. JoomSEF SEO component
  5. Apache webserver
  6. MySQL database

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Joomla! Content Management System
JoomSEF SEO component
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