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Ostrava, 15.07.2006 - The (and sites are intended for online video and audio title sales. All content is protected by DRM license and customer are free to download it after they have paid. The licensing allows they seeing or using the content strictly according license rules.

Thus this application may be for example used for online video rentals, that allow playing the content only for specified ammount of time (e.g. 24 hours). - Online video and audio sales

The site is splitted into several main parts according to media type - Audio, Video, E-shop, ... . Each of these section is further divided into categories sorted by either actors / authors or genres.

The system allow variety of payments - the content may be paid for using credit card or other online payment service such as PayPal or using mobile phone (SMS).

This website is available in czech and slovak langauge.

Technologies involved include:

  2. DRM licenses
  3. Apache and IIS webservers
  4. MySQL database
  5. Multiserver architecture

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