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eShop Deployment within 24 Hours

Magento eStore can have extremely short time-to-lauch period. For the basic setup, there are just  3 steps to your own e-shop. These steps can be done in even less than 24 hours, so your e-shop is right at your hand:

  1. Choose domain (base URL address), for your e-store.
    If you want, we could obtaind some of the available domains for you.
  2. Choose graphics layout of your e-shop.
    We have choice of ready made ones for rapid shop start-up.
  3. Choose financing

Prices for Internet eStore (e-shop) solutions based on the open-source Magento e-Commerce engine start from 75 Euro / month including website hosting. For this price, you will get full-featured B2B and B2C solution.


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