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eShop Prices and Financing

E-shop, Internet eStore, from 75 EUR / month

There are 2 ways of financing your new eStore: a) one-shot purchase or b) montly lease.
Monthly lease type of financing requires signing contract for at least 24 months.

e-Shop Purchase

  • possibility of hosting at own hardware equipment (server)
  • graphics layout included
  • price 990 EUR

e-Shop Lease

  • minimal initial investment requited, low cost of setup
  • price 75 EUR / month, including website hosting

Magento e-Commerce Pricing Comparison

  Purchase Lease
Technical support (2h/mo.) Yes (if hosted at ARTIO) Yes
Training (3h) 90 EUR 90 EUR
Customization Yes No
Extra development 40 EUR/h or individually 40 EUR/h or individually
User's manual and docs Printed + online Online
Individual graphics design
(1 template)
included 120 Euro
eShop hosting possible at own server only ARTIO's servers
Price 990 EUR 75 EUR / month


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