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I automatically upgraded to1.4.4 I am now getting error it was working fine before this

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/soshield/public_html/components/com_booking/views/subject/tmpl/default_properties.php on line 27

I then decided to do a clean install, including manually removing all the tables as your script does not do this !

Still got same problem

Can you advise please this is extremely frustating as it takes ages to configure and looks like poor testing

I am running this on Joomla 1.5.26
Error in 1.4.4 URGEN ...
Category: Customer Support
Ok not sure what you mean but 'I am using fix schedule please see attachnent

Fatal Error Maximum ...
Category: Customer Support
First time I installed this I added in Objects and reservation tpyes and prices. It worked OK the first time, then I made some changes to the resevations and when I tested it on the front end, the programme froze and then eventually it shopwed the hire details (not the actual book it screen) outside of a Joomla template (ie just plain text and photos) and an error
FATAL ERROR Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceed in ......./libraries/joomla/factory.php online 430

I think the abouve error is misleading as pressing F5 to refresh gives various errors iin the libraries i.e date.php line 250 or other errors

It lloks to me like it is in a loop and just times out

I then reverted back to the previous configuration and I go the same error .

I could not cure this problem so I deinstalled the whole component including deleting the tables manually( as the normal deinstall does not do this DEVELOPER PLEASE NOTE) and reinstalled and configured again.

This time it worked ok but then I added in another price and the same problem occurred again. It was a different operation to the previous time so this appears to happen at random
The Joomla version is 1.5

Any ideas this is an URGENT issue as my customer can not use the system
Fatal Error Maximum ...
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I purchased this product last week, and I need urgent support . Yet When I try to log in it says I am not elegible for support Can you please help I have an urgent problem which needs resolving
Bookit Priority Supp ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions

I purchased this last week

When I installed the component it installs ok, the back end works perfectly but when I look at the front end it comes up with a fatal error

Fatal error: Class 'JFile' not found in /home/soshield/public_html/modules/mod_booking_search/mod_booking_search.php on line 19

If I unitstall the compnent the web sitre works again

Any ideas?

Note I had to instal from directory as my host provider has a 2mb upload limit which can't be lifted.
Fatal Error on Front ...
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I've just installed Joom SEF and non of the menu's work (404 errors) they point to the old non SEf location. If I install a new menu item and manually give it a link URL thne it works ok, the problem is some of the joomla components have meus within the component and none of these now work. I fI disable Joom SEf then everything reverts back to the correct links

Any ideas?
Joomla Menus
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