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I have tried out a lot of things, and i noticed, that urls like are getting logged in 404 error log, but they won't if the url has more digits in first block like very strange behaviour. Also when i set to use the default 404 page from jomsef, it is only showing up the custom page, if urls with only one digit after the first trailing slash are entered in browser, others go to my default template 404 page. (Btw. im using a yootheme template, maybe there are some known bugs?)

The other thing i experimented is the htaccess file. But this didn't help anything...

Waiting for your help, guys

Thanks in advance
404 Log not working
Category: JoomSEF 4
Dear Support

i started using joomsef because i was unsatisfied with sh404sef... till now, everything with joomsef seems very nice, except the 404 log does not work..

I use the latest joomla. 2.5.17 and jomsef 4.5.1 with paid k2 plugin. In settings, record of 404 entries is enabled. The problem is, i don't get any 404 logs at all. i get a 404 error page, but no entry in log. 90% of my page is made with k2. How can i made this work, what can be the problem?

Everything else works perfectly!


404 Log not working
Category: JoomSEF 4
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