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Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions

By proceeding with a Affiliate Partner registration on the website and by placing affiliate advertisement codes referring to on a website, the Partner agrees with these conditions without any objections.

I. General Terms

  1. Seller as referred within this document is:

    ARTIO International Co.
    Global Gateway 2414
    Rue De La Perle
    Providence, Mahe

    IBC No.: 077178

  2. Partner is a person or organization that actively takes part in the Affiliate Programme.
  3. Affiliate Programme (Programme) obliges the Seller to pay commission fees to Partner from sales at that have been mediated thanks to Partner.
  4. This Terms and Conditions document defines claims and obligations of the Partner and the Seller.
  5. Registration in the Programme is free of any charges.
  6. Partner may become any user registered at site, who has Completed the Partner Registration form and agreed with these Terms of Conditions. Partner may be a private person older than 15 years or an organization.

II. Commission Fee

  1. Seller will provide Partner commission of 20% of each completed purchase mediated by Partner. Mediated purchase occurs when a shopper was directed to Seller´s website through Advertising Code that include Partner´s identification code and completed a purchase of a product.
  2. Commission is paid to Partners upon Partner's request for the pay-out. The minimum commission fee that must be accumulated for pay-out is EUR 50.
  3. Commissions will be calculated solely based on records conducted by Seller. No other methods of measurement or statistics will be recognized and will have no effect within this Contract.

III. Conditons of Cooperation

  1. Seller gives Partner a privilege to publicly market products that are being offered at the website.
  2. Partner can choose a form of advertising the Seller´s products. Seller will provide variety of Advertisement Codes for different text or graphical formats of standard lengths or sizes. Partner can also use own Advertisement Codes. However, all Advertisement Codes must include Partner´s unique Identification Number.
  3. Promotion of Seller may not be placed on the websites with content contradictory to the laws of any of the European Union member states, USA, Canada or Australia. Partner may not advertise products in a way that oppose morality or could damage good reputation of Seller, such as including untrue statements about products. Partner´s website may not be utilizing manipulatory (so called black-hat) techniques to improve the site search engine ranking (such as, but not limited to excessive usage of repeated words in content or source code, usage of manipulatory content, etc.).
  4. Partner may not reproduce appearance of site that could make an impression that the Partner's site is operated by Seller.
  5. In case of promoting Seller´s products through an advertising system (e.g. PPC system), Advertising Codes used can not point directly to domain, but can only be directed to Partner´s website.
  6. When promoting Seller´s products, it is generally prohibited to use any pop-ups that activate with no action of a web visitor - e.g. autohit systems, loading content of to pop-up and pop-under windows, loading to the iframe, etc. Clicking on the Seller´s advertisement must be a result of real site visitor interest. Partner may not appeal the site visitor to click on the Advertisement Code in any way.
  7. Seller´s Advertising Codes may not be placed at sites with no content or sites that only show advertisements, whether the content is relevant or not.
  8. Seller is not responsible for functionality of Advertising Codes, if modified by Partner in any way.

IV. Commission Pay-out

  1. Partner may request the Commission pay-out through the Partner user interface at
  2. Payment of the Commission can be made via electronic payment system (such as PayPal or Skrill) or via bank transfer (if any transfer fees apply for the transaction, these are due to Partner).
  3. Seller will pay the Commission to Partner within 30 days after completing of all relevant administrative requirements (sending Invoice / valid Brokerage Contract, etc.). Partner is obliged to send an Invoice or Brokerage Contract within 90 days from the date of Commission payment request. If Partner fails to do so, the Commission payment request will be invalidated.

V. Partner Obligations

  1. Partner must provide full and true personal/organization data to Seller and maintain them valid within his user account. Failing to do so may prevent the Commission pay-out.
  2. In case Partner is an organization or possesses a Trade Certificate that allows him to issue Invoices, at the time of the pay-out request, the Partner is obliged to issue and Invoice for the outstanding unpaid Commission as valid and shown at the time of the pay-out request. The Invoice must have the due date of minimum 30 days.
  3. In case Partner is not an entity able to issue invoices, prior to the first Commission pay-out, Partner will be requested to sign a Brokerage Contract. Brokerage Contract is a legal document that allows payment of commissions to private Partners who do not posses Trade Certificate. Partner is obliged to sign the contract in person and send it back to the address specified in the contract. The Contract may have limited validity. In case the validity expires, Partner will be send a new Brokerage Contract.

VI. Seller Obligations

  1. Seller is responsible for all user service: order confirmation, payment, resolution of any relevant claims, etc. None of this activity is expected from Partner.
  2. Seller will provide Partner with a speical access to the Seller's server, where Partner can monitor the status of his Affiliate Account. Namely mediated product sales statistics, unpaid commission fees accumulated, paid, etc.
  3. Seller will pay the accumulated Commission fee to Partner within a time specified if all administrative conditions are met.

VII. Limitations

  1. The Commission will not be paid from purchases, that have been cancelled or refunded within 90 days from purchase. In case the Commission was already paid, Seller has right to claim the Commission reversal from Partner or to deduct it from the next pay-out.
  2. The Affiliate Program does not apply to web sites offering false promo codes or coupons.
  3. Seller may be selling special products or services, where Commission fee does not apply. Currently, these include:
    • SMS Credit
    • Support Services

VIII. Contract Validity

  1. Cooperation between Seller and Partner is signed for an indefinite period. Any contracting party may end the Cooperation at any time. Seller will inform the Partner about ending the Cooperation by sending a notice to Partner´s email. Partner can end the Cooperation in the same way or by removing the Contractor´s Advertisement Codes from his site(s).
  2. Seller reserves the right to monitor the content of Partner´s website and placement of the Advertisement Codes on Partner's site(s). Seller may end the Cooperation immediately if he finds out the Partner is not acting according these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Seller reserves the right to immediately end the Cooperation without any obligations, if a cheating or illegal activities at Partner side are detected.

IX. Final Provisions

  1. Seller reserves right to change these Terms and Conditions without a prior notice. Partner is required to check for the up-to-date version of these Terms.
  2. In case of major condition changes, Seller may inform Partner about these changes in advance via email, asking him for a response. If Partner does not accept the new conditions, his Affiliate Account may be suspended. If Partner does not answer in any way within 15 days from the date the email was sent, and continues publishing the Advertisement Codes, it will be understood as he has accepted the new Terms and Conditions.
  3. Active participation in the Affiliate Programme is considered as an act of agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Partner´s personal data provided upon registration are processed solely by Seller according to Act No. 101/2000 Coll. Privacy Terms apply as well.

These Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Programme are effective from 1.4.2018.

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