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Hello Jan,

It took you a week to answer me :-(

Approximately 2 days after this post, since I did not get a reply, I bought one of your competitor's products and it worked straight out of the box.

Regarding you three questions:

1. Yes
2. After 1. didn't work I followed#2, you can see my post on that thread
3. Yes

I am not even going to ask for a refund, I can see from your forum that many others have had the same problem as me (as well as poor support), I don't think you would give the refund anyway ...
Joomla SEO powered b ...
Category: JoomSEF

I bought your software. Downloaded it. Installed it. Then on every page I get:

Joomla SEO powered by JoomSEF

So then I found this form and made sure that the com_sef is 777 in administrator and components.,

Then I select "Reinstall from ARTIO server" and then I get confirmation but still there is your logo everywhere:
Joomla SEO powered by JoomSEF

I checked in Control Panel - Upgrade Manager and I see below under Sef Extensions:

SEF Extension Installed version Newest version Type Upgrade
Content 2.0.23 2.0.23 Free Not available
User 2.0.4 2.0.3 Free Not available

Seriously guys, I have bought over a hundred extensions and if anyone made a mistake it was in my favor, this is the first time its in your favor ... if you understand what I mean

Joomla SEO powered b ...
Category: JoomSEF
Have the same problem, wish I would have read this before I bought this POS software. I also have the problem with writeable files although they are all set to 777
Remove "Joomla SEO p ...
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