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Well JerryG, your solution work only for the frontpage, i put the module inside the site, and stop working!!!


i give up with artio, i will another seo module
Click an article on ...
Category: JoomSEF
woooo, thk JerryG , you have the right SOLUTION, thk for posting!!!

i was banging my head against the monitor because i have 3 days fighting and nothing, then i decide to use another latest news, for my surprise the new now didint work either, so i was like NO WAYYYYYYYY!!!, then i figure it out that maybe there is problem with latest news, and i search the support the forums with the latest news phrase and find YOUR solution,

thk very much, you save my day
Click an article on ...
Category: JoomSEF
Hi, i recently install ARTIO JoomSEF, everything is working perfect with the exception of the module News Show Pro GK1 ( )

Now, when i clic the article in the frontpage the system return me to the homepage (frontpage), is like if i didnt clic anything (refresh the page)

Please help me, i really like this module!
Error using News Sho ...
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