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Please rectify the problem. Its very urgent.
The joom gallery sef ...
Category: Extensions
Hello Artio/David

The Joom sef url's are working fine but the it is not working properly
for the joom gallery component.
I have already mailed all the details to you.
Please check it urgently.
The joom gallery sef ...
Category: Extensions

On 31st October, I posted a post in your forum and the link to that is:

Now in my post you can clearly see my requirements. And Mr.David from your team has replied to that email
stating that your team can possibly meet our requirements.

Since the details are confidential, i have sent your team an email at Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript

Please go through the email and revert back via email only.
I just want a clear response from your team stating whether our requirements
can be met by you or not.

If you can do it, then good enough. But if you can't then atleast I can try somewhere else.
Thus please give us your response.
important technical ...
Category: JoomSEF

Sent an email at Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript

Please check it and revert back by email.
very important techn ...
Category: JoomSEF

I have got a site which is combination of joomla and prestashop i.e joomla
for CMs and blog section and prestashop for online shopping section. Now
the joomla folder is located inside the root directory and we have named it
as home (for example).
Now all the joomla url's on my site look like

Whereas I want the url's to look like, that means
their should not be even the word home mentioned in the url. In other words the url should not start with the name of sub-folder in it

But I don't know how to remove the word home from the url.

If I use Artio SEF can this problem be solved.

Actually for the sake of security, we have named our folder as 2334online

Thus now the links are looking as
And this is looking really bad and even the very purpose of security is
also defeated.

Also, the old website of mine was made on platform and in all the
html pages, the extension was

Now many of the pages in my old site rank very high in google. Now when I
moving to joomla, can I rewrite the pages with the same url's using Artio SEF i.e even the joomla site should have url's like This way the damage done to the rankings will be minimal. The url will remain the same. It's not going to change.
But if this is not possible, then please please suggest the best
alternative method.

Thus please let me whether my problems can be solved using your module. If yes, then I go ahead purchasing it. We are going live within 2 days and thus require the earliest response.
very important techn ...
Category: JoomSEF
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