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When I click on "add an advert", the form page take a long time to be displayed. And before I installed adsmanager Joomsef extension, It was very fast.

The first think do the php form is to make the list of all my categories add. That s the first thing a user must choose when he wants to add an advert.

So I think than Adsmanager extension is preparing SEO things about all my categories. And it s too long.
The easiest way to understand is maybe to try yourself to add an advert and have a look on what is going on.

Please visit [link][/link] and click on " Publicar un anuncio (100 % GRATIS)" on top menu or left menu. You will see directly the script working and making the list.

Is there any solution to make it faster? Is it possible to make joomlasef ignore this form page?

Thanks for helping.
Problem adsmanager e ...
Category: Extension Requests
sorry!! It works.. I update the URLS!!

thanks for your help
Problem : add an adv ...
Category: Extension Requests
thanks for answering.

The thing is my website use to work perfectly. Adsmanager worked very well.
I wanted to get higher rank. Since I install Joomsef adsmanger extention which I bought you,
it looks good. SEO zork.. But people can not add andvert anymore...

So, as a result it doesn t work! Can you help me please.

It s this url wich doesn t work:

It suppose to record the new add after have field the form.

But I get this error message:
Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/nino/public_html/components/com_adsmanager/adsmanager.php on line 2114

Problem : add an adv ...
Category: Extension Requests
I ve just installed Joomsef and adsmanager extension... I have some bug.
I can t add an advert anymore:
"Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/nino/public_html/components/com_adsmanager/adsmanager.php"

And the pictures on main page all link to the same url
and it give a list of adverts

Can you help me
Problem : add an adv ...
Category: Extension Requests
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