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Die Version 2.0.7 hatte ich im Juni übrigens komplett übersetzt. Drei Tage Arbeit für nichts? ARTIO hat nicht einmal eine kostenlose Pro-Version als Dankesgeste angeboten, wie sonst anderswo üblich.

Die aktuelle Version 2.1.x habe ich noch nicht installiert, da in diesem Forum dazu massenhaft Probleme gemeldet wurden, welche auch nicht sonderlich zeitnah beantwortet wurden.

Welche Version nutzt ihr, in der Sprachvariablen unübersetzt sind?
German Translation A ...
Category: Translations
Since Artio seems heavily occupied fixing the bugs of update v 2.1, I would answer: never. The support they promise paying customers has space for improvement.
error after update
Category: Customer Support
No, I bought it and had to name the specific domain on which I want to use it.
booking on multiple ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
I can't see any dropdown on that side you mentioned:

And the 'From-to' issue won't be solved by a language file, I fear, since this must be the result of your start time + end time which you entered in the object detail. So if you only offer this time 10pm-2am you could rename it in the relevant tab.

To me everything on that side appears in English…
How to customize spe ...
Category: Customer Support
Hm, well, reading these posts, I'm quite happy now that what I wanted to report, happened to me:

My joomla extension update to version 2.1 didn't work and reported:

"Archive can't be opened. Update path doesn't exist.
Error while updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_."

So, I better wait now for bug-fixed 2.2 … ;-)
Error 1054 after upd ...
Category: Customer Support
After deinstalling the free version: did you check for tables in the mysql database and for directories in your installation. Maybe deinstallation routine doesn't delete those and new installation causes problems for that.

And btw: when you paid for it you should post under "customer support". This one here is not moderated by Artio people.
Install problem
Category: Community Support
Danke für die Blumen!
German Translation A ...
Category: Translations
In customer registration you can add custom fields – but only the text format. Checkbox, Select, Radio button and Text area are missing.

If an association eg. offers discount for its members, there is need for a radio selection button ("Member: yes/no"), which has impact on booking price.

So there should be the possibility to create radio buttons, and in object management there should be the choice whether this item influences pricing.
More custom field ty ...
Category: Feature Requests
In the mailing configuration you can only choose one e-mail address as sender for all objects. If each object has a specific, different manager, they cannot be addressed. This creates confusion when customers reply to their booking messages.

There should be the choice in the object management to choose either "Global config" or set a custom e-mail address. The same goes for the e-mail templates.
Enable different "Fr ...
Category: Feature Requests
There should be a recurrence function added to closing times/days, eg. when the object is regularly closed ("each Saturday", "each first Monday of month" etc.).

- weekly
- monthly
- yearly
- weekday (that means 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, last, secondlast weekday of month)
- holidays (php easter function)

With the current version it's only possible to create those closing days manually, which means hours of stupid work. :-(
Recurrent closing da ...
Category: Feature Requests
I got free version 2.0.7. I do not see any Icon Closing Days. Could you show it on a pic please?
Any way to have a bo ...
Category: Priority Support
Das Sprachpaket habe ich soeben aktualisiert. Es ist jetzt auch über Joomlas Erweiterungsmanager automatisch installierbar. Siehe neuen Post unter gleichem Thread.
Cannot select Dates, ...
Category: Community Support
This language package should be self-installing via the Joomla! Extension Manager:
German Translation A ...
Category: Translations
Nein, ich meine wirklich die Grundkonfiguration der Komponente, nicht auf irgendwelchen untergeordneten Detailseiten:

Erreichbar über Komponenten -> ARTIO Booking -> Konfiguration.

Und die Sprachdateien sind im letzten Post dieses Threads:

Auf dem Bild, das Sie hochgeladen haben, wurde nur eingestellt, dass die beiden Objekte auch für nicht-angemeldete Besucher der Seite überhaupt sichtbar sind.
Cannot select Dates, ...
Category: Community Support
Sieht nach einem Nutzerlevelproblem aus.

Wer darf in Ihrer Grundkonfiguration buchen? "Öffentlich" oder "Registriert"? Wenn öffentlich, sollte das Problem verschwinden. Wenn registriert, noch einmal ausgeloggt neu starten, dann sollte ein Link erscheinen "Sie müssen sich anmelden order registrieren".

PS: Ich habe hier kürzlich auch ein deutsches Sprachpaket aller vollständig übersetzten Sprachdateien heraufgeladen. Damit würde dann auch der Button "Book it" zu "Buchen"
Cannot select Dates, ...
Category: Community Support
ARTIO Booking invented the 23 hours' day. Unfortunately it's not working hour which is missing, but the one between 1 am and 2 am:

And 2nd bug: While in week calendar the last hour is displayed correctly "23.00-24.00" it says in daily calendar "23.00-0.00".

How can this be fixed?

BUG: Missing hour in ...
Category: Community Support
What language do you need? Version 2.06 contains language files for Czech, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch and Swedish. I just uploaded a package of German files here:
Multiple languages
Category: Customer Support

I wanted the same, first choosing date and time, then supplements, then finish booking without scrolling back to the top the page.

That's how I did it:

Open file
<your domain>/components/com_booking/views/subject/tmpl/default.php

Search for the string "echo $this->loadTemplate('supplements');" and move it towards the end before
/* @var $setting BookingCalendarSetting */
(without quotation marks, of course)

After that make a new line and enter
echo $this->loadTemplate('bookitform');

Now search for that string in the files in that same directory
and delete it there.

Note: Before making any changes to the files make a backup copy of them, in case something goes wrong.

To prevent those changed files from being rewritten by future upgrades of the component use Template Override by creating a new directory
<your domain>/templates/<your template>/html/com_booking/subject/
and copying the modified files into it.

And changing the CSS style for the class "boxesDay" might help to put all seven days in one row.
Action points for bo ...
Category: Customer Support
Hier ein Paket mit allen Sprachdateien (Version 2.07).
German Translation A ...
Category: Translations
Hi there,

I have an object which can be rented on an hourly basis. There are two prices:
- up to 4 hours (fix price A)
- and above 4 hours/day (fix price B).

So I created two booking settings:
- minimum 1 and maximum 4 hours
- minimum 5 and maximum 24 hours
with 60 minutes as unit
I didn't use fixed time, so that customer is free to book also 3 hours, 6 hours etc.

In the price settings I deactivated "Multiply with capacity" – but in frontend when booking still the price is calculated hourly, i.e. 4 hours make 4*A and 6 hours make 6*B, while the expected result should be 1*A and 1*B.

What is wrong in my settings?

Thanks for any advice.
Hourly booking witho ...
Category: Community Support
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