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Ok here is my problem. If you go to and look on the left column at the module called "our Store" you will see a basic menu setup. If you go to the bottom most link called "List all products" you will see that firstly it does not show an SEFrul as compared to the rest of the site and Second, it directs no nothing, i mean it goes to a page, but it doesn't show all products. If I manually copy the URL ( and remove "category_id=19" it goes to the correct "browse all products".

What happened last night was this. I noticed the the link had an SEF URL and wasnt going to the correct place. So I went into custom URLs in Artio and changed it to the non SEF code till I could figure the problem. This did not work. SO I dumped the entire SEF DB, manually deleted all links in Artio and removed the trash and cache (multiple times). When I would enable Artio and/or core SEF the site would go back to SEF Urls but that link stayed the same. Now, in Artio I CANNOT FIND THAT LINK to change it. Its just not there, but it keeps redirecting with the old rule before the link dump. Now I officially broke it. I worked all night and no dice. Artio just does not have that link listed in the admin panel. I searched the database direct thru phpmyadmin, no dice either... I tryed in vane to find some kind of cache of links in the DB or site and that didnt work either. Somewhere, that link still exists. But using all tolls available in admin link dump URLS, delete cache, update etc. Nothing. Resulting in manual work = nothing as well.

Also, Artio stopped using Visit-Our-Store/registration or Visit-Our-Store/Browse etc. and changed sometime ago to Trips-by-Air. i.g

This is what started the whole issue, the link "List all products" kept pointing to "Trips by Air" and only was showing those 3 products. And now (and before) the main store pages show the breadcrumb and SEFURL as Trips-By-Air which is 150% wrong... This is 50% of the reason why I dumped the DB, becuase I have learned thru time that sometimes there are some hick-ups and you just need to redo the URLs in Artio and then all will be ok. This was not the case. I was initially going to the site to fix that "trips by air" error and ran across the impossible link above as well.

SO, I copied the site to another domain last night as well ( and used the exact same database as right now and the links are different. Its a complete site copy, I dont get it. If you see that same menu item as I was discussing before in the .net version, you will see the link( at least says Virtuemart but it to says trips by air... Its nuts. I cant figure out where it all went wrong...

Any help is highly appreciated.
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Hi, I have a site setup called with the paid Artio SEF com and the paid Vm plugin. I have a question.

I have both the .net and .com domain. Today I dabbled with the idea of duplicating the main site (.com) to the .net domain. I copied everything and the sql database. All works fine.

Firstly the .net site shows slightly different URLs as compared the main site. Its an EXACT copy, why would it do this?

Second and my real reason for this post. How can I use Artio JoomSef to redirect all links to my main site? Ie: if someone goes to the .net the will see the .net site, but if they click a product it goes to the .com. Is there a way to do this? I know I can manually go into one link at a time and do this, but this is a hassle. I want to rewrite some code...

My hosting provides for a domain redirect. this is not what I want. I want a duplicate site with all links outbound to the .com site. Maybe to improve site presence and page rank? Or is that a stupid dream?

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Ok I fixed the sitemap issue, it had to have been that I was logging into the admin area using the www prefix

NOW, I need to know about how to creat a cronjob for this...
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Ok I did this, might be the answer 2 the sitemap problem. I logged in not using the www. prefix but just the domain name, ran the url updator, and redid my sitemap. then google happily excepted it on at least 3 sites so far
Making Sitemap NOT i ...
Simple question...

I am massively deploying clone sites, some site in google sitemaps say my urls are A-ok, meaning they DONT have the www prefix (all my sites listed in webmaster tools DO NOT USE www.) SO, how can I make the few out of wack sites (its actually about 33%) make the sitemap with NO www? Now these are clones, some work 100% some dont with the sitemaps out of artio.


I would l;ike to run each site map generation as as a cron job every hour, anyone have the code for this?

Is it even possible?

Any help is highly appreciated team,

Making Sitemap NOT i ...
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