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Hi there

I agree, Reservation Type is the core parameter for any booking. If you have one bookable item with two or more different reservation types than it is essenial to show the booked reservation type . I also had Book it older version wich included this feature both on reservation window and the reservation notification emails.

I provide a very simple example why it is inevitable to show reservation type as well :
Car Wash - this is your Bookable Item -if you have just two diffferent service eg "FAST WASH 20 EUR" and "DELUXE WASH 30 EUR" than you will have to create two reservation types: a Fast Wash reservation type and a Deluxe wash reservation type. Your customer will make his choice first between the two reservation types (Fast Wash or Deluxe Wash) and than he will select the date and time. If the reservation shows only the Booked Item "CAR WASH" for whatever date and time and the price eg 20 EUR than the customer would be confused weather he booked the service he wanted. This feature has to be relaunched again and reservation types have to be shown in booking and reservation window and emai templates and pdf fickets / vouchers as well.
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Book current day is enabled of course!!!
In weekly calendar it is possible, but in monthly calendar not
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Regarding first printscreen - same day booking not available

If you look at the printscreen carefully you may see that old days are with different colour (until 24 april on the printscreen) 25 april if the day when printscreen was made and that day should have been available.

Besgt regards
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You might nt see the screenshots in my previous mail so I send it again

Same day booking not available at monthly calendar

Missing paypal option in payment methods module
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Dear maju

Missing paypal payment method
I provide you the screenshot

Back to the issue of the reservation with different reservation types I have no idea how to solve this problem. I can only tell you what should it be to be good for us. Maybe we will need a customisation of Artio book-it to be able to use it for all of our activities. Once again I give you the list of main problems with the current version

1. We have our tours with horily reservation type with different schedules. It is not possible to have one schedule from 10-13.00 and another from 10-14.00 It is only possible if you use fix schedule but in our case it is not recommended. I do not seee any logical problem for using schedules even with same start and finish time

2. To be able to offer multiday rental the night bookings is enabled but this makes a conflict with horly reservation types. eg. if I click on a schedule on the calendar eg. 26 April 10.00-13.00 it will automaticly set check out on 27 April 13.00.

3. For rentals is recommended to use the monthly calendar. When you book a scooter in the monthly calendar it will cause a conflict in the total capacity. I have already tried it several times and it does it! Actally if you make the booking on monthly calendar than you go to the backend reservation modul and change reservation tpye from daily to hourly for that reservation it will showw the correct remaining capacity. If you book rental on weekly calendar than in your backend reservation module it will show horly reservation type despite full day rental was set to daily reservation type.

4. There is also a rental schedule problem as we exactely have set pick up time and delivery time in order to control our overall capacity. I have seen this already solved at a hompage using artio book it modul.

5. same day rental not possible in monthly calendar view. I provide the link for the screenshot again

Temporary solution would be to set nightly booking effective only for daily reservation type and provide extra fild for setting pick up and drop off times for rental. Ok you will have to solve also the conflict between hourly and daily reservation types at the backend reservation module. The documentation actually does not mention that one object can have only one reservation type.

So far I have made severla posts bot nothing has been solved unfortunately future updates cannot solve my today problems

Brest regards
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Dear Maju

Conflict between weekly and monthly calendar
I have tested again the booking and it seems there is a conflict between the monthly and the weekly calendar.
If I book tours (with hourly res type) and rental (with daily res type) only on weekly calendar the calculation of remaining capacity is correct. If I book the tour on weekly calendar and rental on montly calendar the calculation of remaining capacity is incorrect.
Unfortunately I have to use also mothly calendar as in case of rental to book an object eg. from Saturday to next Wednesday is not possible on weekly calendar.

I have made a test object (TEST Parent) with TEST1 and TEST2 children to try your suggestion making separate object for each tour but is does not work because I will be not able to control overall capacity.
It can only work if the overall capacity is set at PARENT and all CHILDREN use this capacity. Obviously capacity for any reservation also depends on reservations made for any CHILDREN in the tree structure. e.g if overall capacity is 5 and I book 1 capacty for TEST CHILD1 from 10.00-13.00 I can book only book 4 capacity for TEST CHILD2 from 10.00-14.00 but I can book again 5 capacity from 15.00-18.00 for TESTCHILD1 or TEST CHILD2.

I hope I could explain you the concept and you understand now what my problem is.

Best regard
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Dear Maju

Probably you diod not get me. I explain you once again in brief

Object 50CC Scoter tours and rental
Capacity = 5 scooters 50CC
We can provide tour or rental only form total capacity 5
If somebody rents 1 scooter for 24 hours only 4 scoooter reamins for tours or rental

If I create separate object for each reservation type ( tour= with hourly or rental with daily) with capacity 5 than cleint will be able to book each reservation type with capacity 5 so if someone bookes 5 scooters for today ( this is the total capacity) another client can still book a tour with capacity 5 wich means an overbooking and completely wrong. I can only manage it with having only one object with many reservation types. To be able to publish all reservation types with same shedule I have set schedules with 1-2-3-4-5 etc minute difference ( thid was only solution in our case) This concept can and should work. However if you see my 2 test bookings made for 15 MAY you will see that 1 capacity is booked with daily rewervation and 1 capacity with hourly reservation. Go to monthly calendar and you will see 3 capcaity available than go to weekly calendar and you will see only 2 available. I do not thing this is due to my wrong settings!!!

In my opnion the PARENT object should have an overall capacty and the CHILDREN in the tree should use this overall capacity otherwise there is no sense for PARENT object capacity. If it was SET like this I could separate reservation type for each tours and rental as they would allways use the PARENT object overall capacity so whatever is booked with 1 capacity that capacity is reduced from the overall available capacity and thiis is how it should be in the correct way.

Regarding payment moduld
I have bookit paid version but I have absolutely no PAYPAL icon among payment methods (only CHECKOUT and SOFORT)

I do not understand your suggestion to use reservation limit and set to 1. There is absolutely no description about is in documetation. As far as I understand you can set how many reservations are allowed in 1 day or 7 day or 30 day. I do not know what is the sense using it in my case.

Remaind you also that in monthly booking calendar same day booking is not possible despite of that this is set to be allowed in the main configuration settings.

I hope I coud give a more clear understanding of my problem and finally you will be able to help me in reality.

Best regards
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Hello Mach

There is another problem with total available capacity. I have made a test booking on 15 MAY
1 Scooter 50 CC rental for 1 day Total Capacity 5 booked 1 Remaining capacity 4 this is correct
I have also booked Grand Budapest AM tour 10.00-13.00 for 1 pax Available capacity was 4 ( as already 1 scooter was booked as rental) remaining capcaty should be 3 but it is only 2 that is not correct!

Same day booking at montly calendar still does not work!

Waiting for your suggested solution and also feedback for my previous post
Best regards
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There are still some problems:
1. The night sbooking is only used for rental but we also have the day tours with fix shedule and there is a conflict with nights booking. Please note that all tours are set with hourly reservation type
Eg. if you reserve a tour for 15 April 10.00-13.00 the result on the booking screen is this
Check in:
Check out:
When you book it and you are directed to booking module it will show this:
From 2013-04-15 10.00 -2013-04-16 13.00

2. Three is a time overlap problem. We have set up tours with daily schedules. It is not possible to have a price 1 set from 10.00-13.00 and price 2 from 10.00-14.00 as price 2 than will not show on booking calendar. That is why we have set up price 2 with 10.01-14.01 not to have time overlap problem.

3. In mothly calendar view same day booking is not possible ( the configuration is set to allow sam day booking)

4. We would like to set up the exact pick up and drop off time as rental uses the same capacity as tours so if the rental is from leg. to for 1 capacity than on 15.04 this capacity is not available but from 09.01 16.04 it shoud be available

5. I absolutely don not know gow to set up Paypal payment module ( no info also in ducumentation). In payment method configuration I only have checkout and Sofort. Please give me instructios how to set up Paypal.

Suggested solution for calendar and object confilct
The quick solution would be that night booking type effecta only prices with daily reservation type???

Other soultion
Our main reason to have included rental and tours at same object was that we have the overall capacity wich can be used for all tours or rental.

We have two types of object ( 50 CC and 125 CC) with different capacity so that is why we have 2 objects
My idea for solution is
1. All objects in the tree structure will use the capacity set up at their root.
2. It is also adviseable to be able to set up not only one capacity in the root but as many as youu want ( eg, bus with capacity 20, scooter 50 cc with capacity 5 scooter 125 cc with capacity 2) and for the children you have to appoint capacity types you want to use
3. In case of any booking softwer should check capacity booked in the whole tree structure to avoid double booking
4. In this case objects ( e.g tours and rental) can be separated as differend children in tree structure
5. Objects (Single tours) can also be separated to avoid shedule overlap problems ( e.g I have tours from 10.13.00 and 10.00-14.00 both available at time of booking. When one of them is booked with 1 capacity the other will have less 1 capacity.

Obviously at the moment we need the quickest solution but let me know your opinion about the above solution as well.
Best regards
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Dear Artio

We are dealing with scooter rental and had the same issue with our calendar. I have set night booking and it solved that problem. There is still an issue of pick ip and drop off time. Do you have an idea how can the client set the preferred pick up and or drop off time. At the moment we ask the client to advise it us at the time of reservation (they can use the optional text area in reservation window).
Another problem that same day booking is set available but it does not work in montly calendar do you have an idea how to fix it?

You can check funtionality on our website

Thanks for your advises in advance
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