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That sounds like it would do the job. But I am entirely new to the world of .htaccess and what looks like fiendish redirect syntax. I found this on the web to remove a index.html prefix:

# redirect to remove "index.html" prefixes from requested URLs
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /index\.html/.
Rewriterule ^index\.html/(.+)$$1 [L,R=301]

So, I would want someting similar to that I guess - do I replace in the above with my own site url?

Any how to remove the trailing .html from the old url?

Thanks for any help
Installing JoomSEF a ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
My previous site used SH404 and that generated urls like:

I am now using JoomSEF on my new site and the equivalent url is this:

I have created a 301 redirect in JoomSEF to point the old url to the new one:

Moved from url: index.php/products/amber-green-products.html
Move to url: products/amber-green-products

But this does not work - I get 404 error when using the old url.

I think its to do with the index.php in the old SH404 url - if I create a 301 redirect without this, it works ok. Trouble is old links and search engines have those old urls whicih include index.php/

Any ideas?
Installing JoomSEF a ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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