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It appears that the call JRequest::getVar('checkout_last_step') returns null.

How to fix this i do not know...
E-commerce not worki ...
On the site I'm working on, there are two ways of payment. One is for registered users with saved accounts, and one is redirected to another site that handles credit card payments.

The registered users purchase products easily by clicking "confirm" at first step in cart. This skips the payment part.
The second way to pay is by credit card.

I have checked the google tracking code, and it seems to be the same on all pages.

How would I go about to fix this?

Could this checkout_last_step have anything to do with this?

(Since the site was built by someone else I am not very familiar with the changes made to the checkout parts)

Any help would be appreciated.

E-commerce not worki ...
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