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Category & sub-category messy url
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TOPIC: Category & sub-category messy url

Category & sub-category messy url 14 years ago #9441

hi, my site is the virtuemart categories are written greek greek utf8 language.
I have replaced at sef the chars like:
ου|ou, ού|ou, α|a, β|b, γ|g, δ|d, ε|e, ζ|z, η|i, θ|th, ι|i, κ|k, λ|l, μ|m, ν|n, ξ|ks, ο|o, π|p, ρ|r, σ|s, τ|t, υ|i, φ|f, χ|x, ψ|ps, ω|o, ά|a, έ|e, ί|i, ή|i, ό|o, ύ|i, ώ|o, Ου|ou, Ού|ou, Α|a, Β|b, Γ|g, Δ|d, Ε|e, Ζ|z, Η|i, Θ|th, Ι|i, Κ|k, Λ|l, Μ|m, Ν|n, Ξ|ks, Ο|o, Π|p, Ρ|r, Σ|s, Τ|t, Υ|i, Φ|f, Χ|x, Ψ|ps, Ω|o, ς|s, Ά|a, Έ|e, Ή|i, Ί|i, Ό|o, Ύ|i, Ώ|o, ϊ|i, ΐ|i

When i click a product, the flypage has a prety nice url, BUT when i click at categories and sub-categories the url is the dafault of virtue mart and is still messy.

For example:
When i click to the menu "computers" has this url:
From " Manage SEF URLs " has this: index.php?option=com_virtuemart&category_id=110&page=shop.browse&Itemid=53

So when i change it from " Manage SEF URLs " nothing happens.

I also forgot to mention that when i click to a product the sub-menu ( like tree ) dissapears from expand, and shows only main categories, not the exact sub categorie in with the product is.

I also want want not to be shown at the url the menu alias, in witch virtuemart is assigned.
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Re:Category & sub-category messy url 14 years ago #9443

Menu Problem solved - menu has a bug, it is rockettheme mynxx with mod_rokvirtuemart_categories menu. it wants the file i attech in order to work with sef.

Now, i only want to hide tha alias, of the menu item witch virtuemart is attached.

Thanks in advanced

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Re:Category & sub-category messy url 14 years ago #9455

  • jaku
The alias can be "ignored" in extension settings, in parameters / Common / Show Menu Title.
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Re:Category & sub-category messy url 14 years ago #9459

that's exacly what i wanted!!
thank you very much
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