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A brief look into history of the ARTIO company from 1991 to current days. Introduction of our business development both in the Czech Republic and Finland, our predecessors, as well as former and current activities.

Era of Automation and Controlling in the Czech Republic

The history of ARTIO has started n 1991, just after opening a free market in the former Czechoslovakia. At the start, the company was founded by former employees of Kancelářské stroje - division of automation and controlling systems. At that time, the company name was XORS.

During the first era in the Czech Republic, the main focus of the company was design, development and implementation of automation and controlling systems. Also we dealt with object security systems.

Era of Internet and Webdesign in Finland

In Finland, the main initial activities of the company (named Imnetti Oy at that time) were connected to providing Internet related services such as web and mailhosting and website creation and design.

New Era of Software Development and Internet Services in EU

In 2002, the cooperation between the Czech and Finnish partners has started. Thanks to this cooperation, the focus has moved to software development (especialy the web applications and client - server systems), including own product lines, provision of Internet services, expert IT services and consultancy.

In 2005, the mutual relations between the Czech and Finnish companies has strengthened and we entered into a joint venture. Because of this, the original companies of XORS s.r.o. and Imnetti Oy were renamed to ARTIO s.r.o. and ARTIO Oy.

In the beginning, we have cooperated on several internetional EU projects and started business contacts in several countries of European Economic Community (EEC).

Era of Open Source

During 2006 and 2007, we have started our move towards Open Source software. We decided to provide services related to implementation of open source software and further development of these.

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