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SOBI2 JoomSEF 3 Extension

SOBI2 JoomSEF 3 Extension

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This Joomla SEO extension for ARTIO JoomSEF enables generation of Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs for the SOBI2 (Sigsiu Online Business Index 2) component.

Check what options you can set:

Download, Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Important: This extension requires ARTIO JoomSEF 3.x (for 2.x compatible, see other category). Use the JoomSEF built-in installer capability to install the extension package - for more details, please check documentation.

After your payment is confirmed, you will get your download ID via email. When using instant payment, this process takes just a few minutes. The download ID is valid for 12 months or maximum of 100 downloads. If a new version of extension will be made available, you can update it for free.

After installation, purge already existing URLs created for SOBI2 component.

License Conditions

You are allowed to use this extension on one Joomla! installation only. To use it on more sites, you need to buy extra license for each.

Configuration Instructions

Adjust the extension settings to define how the SOBI2 URLs should look like. Always delete all caches after doing changes to configuration.

If SOBI2 URLs not working:
SOBI2->General Configuration->Cache->Second Level Cache Disable

SOBI2 JoomSEF Extension Changelog

What's new in 2.0.1:

  • extension revision and update

What's new in 2.0.0:

  • compatibility with JoomSEF 3.x
  • instroduced own, extension based settings


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