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Upgrading JoomSEF

Last revised:
Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012


After clicking "Upgrade" icon from JoomSEF Control Panel (screenshot 1) you will get to upgrade page (screenshot 2). There you will be shown your currently installed version number and the latest version of JoomSEF available. You can either upgrade by clicking the "Upgrade from ARTIO server" button or you can use downloaded installation package and upgrade form from file.

Upgrading JoomSEF - step 1Upgrading JoomSEF - step 2

When upgrading, your current JoomSEF settings and existing SEF URLs will be preserved. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the component. Note that uninstalling will remove all your settings and DB tables as well.

Upgrading Paid Versions of JoomSEF

If you have paid version of JoomSEF, the upgrade procedure is same as described above. However, before you start, to make sure, that you have entered your Download ID (that you have been sent on purchase) into JoomSEF Configuration / Registration tab. Please, see Registering JoomSEF and Paid Extensions.

Upgrading JoomSEF 4

JoomSEF 4 also supports Joomla's native update process, so you can use Joomla's Extension Manager to update it - just open the Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Update tab and click the Purge Cache and Find Updates buttons. If JoomSEF update is available, it will be displayed in the list and you can update it using the Update button.


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