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New JoomSEF 4.3.0!

We just released new major version of JoomSEF 4, so the current version is now 4.3.0. The main new feature is support for Joomla! 3.0! Please note that due to this change a minimum version of Joomla! that JoomSEF 4 requires is 2.5.6. Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 and older versions of 2.5 are no longer supported! Make sure that your Joomla! is up-to-date before updating JoomSEF.

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JoomSEF 4.3.0 Changelog:

--- 4.3.0 --- [2.1.2013]
New - Compatible with Joomla 3.0, no longer compatible with Joomla < 2.5.6
New - Options to handle mismatched lang and Itemid
New - Option to use 303 code for root URL redirection to correct language
New - Option to change pure index.php to current menu link
New - Option to use Joomla's error page for 404 errors
Improved - Redirect wrong cased URL to correct one
Improved - Support for nested arrays in Alias query
Improved - PHP 5.4 compatibility
Improved - UTF-8 support for Internal Links
Improved - Language detection for non-SEF URLs
Improved - Missing Czech translation strings
Improved - Meta keywords generation for words with hyphen
Fix - Correct sitename for selected language is used
Fix - Fixed article category URLs
Fix - Backlink displayed only in HTML documents
Fix - Czech translation of reset button
Fix - Create links to homepage function
Fix - Nested menu aliases
Fix - Menu title in URLs when Itemid is excluded
Fix - Itemid always parsed as numeric
Fix - Configuration being reset when Permissions are changed
Fix - Possible XSS vulnerability
Fix - Wrong language used in modules
Fix - Displayed URLs and sorting on Statistics page
Fix - Some problems with URLs Auto update
Removed - Pinging Yahoo when sitemap is generated

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