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ARTIO JoomSEF Version History

ARTIO JoomSEF Version History
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This page contains information for Joomla 1.0 version releases. For Joomla 1.5 releases, visit JoomSEF 3.x series version history page.


  • Fix - SEF URLs including non-sef variables are valid now
  • Fix - Problem with default menu item link when not frontpage


  • Update - Separated documentation & changelog
  • Fix - inverse mambot logics of Append to defaults settings


  • New - Added option to set global custom non-SEF variables
  • Update - Extensions parameters rewritten (custom non-SEF variables option in each extension)
  • Update - Default index file set to empty string (nicer URLs)
  • Fix - Added stronger cache file integrity checking (no more parse errors)
  • Fix - Non-SEF to SEF redirect does not create new URLs in database anymore


  • New - Added option to set if default index file should be appended to sections and categories links
  • New - Added option to create 301 Redirect directly from 404 URL
  • New - Variables validity check (URLs with invalid option, id, task or view won't be stored)
  • New - Added option to select file locking mechanism for cache saving
  • Fix - Removed ini_set which caused fatal error on some server configurations


  • New - Added option to select custom ItemID for Default 404 Page
  • New - Extended import / export functionality (better control over URLs to export)
  • Fix - Links with /index.php are handled correctly (starting slash problem)
  • Fix - Live site with trailing slash is handled correctly
  • Fix - Fatal error in MetaBot in some cases


  • Fix - MetaBot stops working in some cases
  • Fix - non-static function call fatal error
  • Update - improved compatibility with SEF Advance extensions


  • Fix - working with anchors (if URL starts just with #)
  • Fix - trailing slash with moved permanently table


  • Fix - v2.2.5 bug fix - patch for pagination bug e.g. with VirtueMart


  • Fix - automatically clean cache on URL purge
  • Fix - SOBI2 warning messages (code update)
  • Fix - JoomFish causing duplicates with extra parameters
  • Fix - removing parts of SEO URL if it matches suffix
  • Fix - content pagination improvements
  • Fix - content Itemid estimation improved - prevents duplicates better
  • New extension - JEvents


  • Fix - incorrect long URL truncation fix
  • Fix - wrapper extension default configuration updated to prevent unexpected behaviour problems


  • Fix - metadata wrongly shown in administration after save if using UTF-8


  • IMPORTANT Fix - possible security breach prevention
  • Fix - caching problems leading to file corruption and site stops working
  • Fix - 301 redirection problems
  • Fix - includes metabot 1.6.0 that fixes the problem of duplicite page titles including page and site name when they are same (e.g. on homepage)


  • Fix - fixed problems with automatic update from JoomSEF 1.x versions.


  • New feature - possibility to stop generating further URLs
  • New feature - possibility to exclude first part of URL for any component (e.g. /shop in VirtueMart)
  • New feature - easier access to editing homepage metadata
  • New extension - Zoom Media Gallery (download sepratelly)
  • New extension - RSGallery2 (download sepratelly)
  • New extension - Portfolio (download sepratelly)
  • New extension - Seyret Video Directories (download sepratelly)
  • Fix - fixed problems with some 3rd party sef_ext files
  • Update - new configuration options added to VirtueMart extension
  • Update - free version will allow direct upgrade to ad-free version


  • New feature! - JoomFish support for extension texts (you can now change texts like "viewlink", "search" etc. in URLs)
  • Improved 301 redirection - server doesn't get stuck with index2.php URLs
  • Bug fix - Custom Titles functionality
  • Bug fix - meta title tag in MetaBot
  • Improved export and import of custom redirects
  • Improved upgrade script and fixed problem with directory permissions
  • Updated Mosets Tree extension


  • New feature - 301 redirection functionality
  • Bug fix - mambot PHP4 compatibility problems


  • Bug fix - trailing slash toleration not working correctly
  • Bug fix - "save as custom redirect" not pre-checked on URL customization


  • Bug fix - unistalling plug-in extensions does not remove DB information correctly
  • Bug fix - mambot not working correctly


  • Improved searching for 3rd party sef_ext extensions
  • Added parameters to individual extensions
  • Added possibility to set your own extension title
  • Added option to ignore multiple Itemids pointing to same page - removes most of duplicates!
  • Added option to set your own Itemid to use with each extension
  • Added Cache for mostly visited URLs - speeds the site up up and reduces DB load!
  • Added Patching system through mambot functionality
  • Redesigned the extension structure and way how extensions are called

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