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JoomSEF 4 - Joomla 2.5/3.0 SEO / SEF

ARTIO JoomSEF 4 is a new generation of Joomla SEO component for generating SEF URLs and managing your CMS pages' METAdata in Joomla  CMS.

Current version of JoomSEF 4 was developed to be compatible with the latest Joomla CMS generation - Joomla version 3.0. Joomla 2.5.6 and newer is also supported. Due to a different API, it is not backward compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 versions older than 2.5.6 anymore. For versions of Joomla 1.5.x use JoomSEF 3 or if you still use Joomla 1.0.x use JoomSEF 2.

SEF URLs also in Joomla 3.0

JoomSEF 4 is the first SEO component for Joomla available, that also supports Joomla 3.0. As Joomla 3.0 is not yet recommended for production websites, please note that the Joomla 3.0 support in JoomSEF 4 is not ready for production websites yet. Please also note that not all JoomSEF 4 extensions support Joomla 3.0 yet, as most of the components are not available for Joomla 3.0 either.

Try ARTIO JoomSEF 4 now!

JoomSEF 4 licensing conditions remain the same. This means, you can give a try to its FREE version or purchase a PAID version. We hope that if you decide for whichever version, you will enjoy it!

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