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ARTIO JoomSEF Upgrade Instructions

This article contains important information about upgrading from previous versions of JoomSEF.

Upgrading JoomSEF 3.x

JoomSEF 3.x releases now fully support online updates.

After clicking "Upgrade" icon from JoomSEF Control Panel, you will get to upgrade page. There you will be shown your currently installed version and the latest available version of JoomSEF. You can simply upgrade by clicking the "Upgrade from ARTIO server" button or you can use installation package and use "Upgrade from installation file" method. If you have paid version, read about Upgrading Paid Versions of JoomSEF.

Upgrading JoomSEF - step 1Upgrading JoomSEF - step 2

When upgrading, all your current settings and stored URLs will be preserved! There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the component. Uninstalling will remove all your settings as well.

Since JoomSEF 3.4.3 release, direct online upgrade from ARTIO server DOES NOT require the PHP setting allow_url_fopen to be se to on.

Using the online upgrade tool, you can also upgrade all JoomSEF extensions, in case that newer versions are available.

Upgrading Paid Versions of JoomSEF

If you have paid version of JoomSEF, the upgrade procedure is same as described above. You only need to make sure, that you have entered your Download ID (that you have been sent on purchase) into JoomSEF Configuration / Registration tab. For extensions, this is entered in extension configuration, in Parameters tab.

Entering Download ID for JoomSEF

Entering JoomSEF Download ID

Entering Download ID for JoomSEF Extensions

Register Extension - step 1Register Extension - step 2

Migration from JoomSEF 2.x to 3.x

Direct automated upgrade from JoomSEF 2.x (for Joomla 1.0.x) to 3.x (for Joomla 1.5) is not supported. However, you can upgrade simply by installing the latest JoomSEF 3.x version and copying over the jos_redirection (jos_sefurls in newer versions) DB table (please note that the table prefix jos_ may differ depending on your configuration).

Upgrading to JoomSEF 2.x

Upgrading JoomSEF to version 2.0.0 is quite easy, however it does require some special (although simple) steps, since the whole system of extension calling has been rewritten. For standard (non-paid and built-in) extensions, it is sufficient to use JoomSEF built-in Upgrade system within the administration section of JoomSEF - they will be upgraded automatically along with the JoomSEF core files.

Upgrade to 2.x will also automatically upgrade your JoomSEF DB table and records structure, so we strongly recommend you to backup your URLs prior to upgrading for case, you would like to revert back to some older version. Please, note that because of this, you will also not be able to use backups from older versions with the 2.x, so it may be wise to create another backup just after upgrading to 2.x.

In case you have purchased paid extensions, right after upgrading the JoomSEF core files, go to the Upgrade system again and upgrade all your purchased extensions. It the new Extensions section, you will find all your upgradable extensions listed. It is necessary to upgrade them all in order have the new JoomSEF version work correctly. Forgetting to upgrade the extensions may cause the JoomSEF fatal error to appear.

Upgrading to JoomSEF 1.5.x

If you are upgrading to JoomSEF version 1.5.x from previous version and you want to keep your URLs stored in database, you will need to use a conversion script. The format of URLs isn 1.5.x is slighly different from 1.4.x and to prevent regenerating already existing (and indexed or optimized) URLs you will need to convert them.

To do so, use the JoomSEF DB upgrade script 1.5.0 that is available in our Downloads section.

Upgrading from Versions 1.3.1 and older

If you are using version 1.3.1 (or higher) you may now use the on-line upgrade function available from the JoomSEF Control Panel. Using on-line upgrade feature, you will not loose (or need to backup) your current configuration or existing URLs as it will be preserved.

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