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VM Invoice 2.0.31 Release

ARTIO has just released VM Invoice 2.0.31 - the order/invoice editor and PDF invoice generator for Joomla with VirtueMart. This new version fixes some known bugs and adds some users requested settings.

VM Invoice 2.0.31 Changelog

--- 2.0.31 --- [7.3.2014]
imp - product attributes edit using VM custom fields plugins and Cart 
imp - possibility to display totals also in payment currency
imp - possibility to display prices on invoice in payment currency 
(using fixed rate stored in time of order)
imp - fixed saving payment and shipment details
fix - fixed displaying payment and shipment details. if available, used 
are names saved in time of order.
fix - fixed ajax product search if translation is missing
fix - fixed registration tab missing from last update

VM Invoice 2.0.30 Changelog

--- 2.0.30 --- [4.3.2014]
new - hungarian and slovak invoice translations
imp - Joomla 3.x compatibility (note: VM2 is not yet compatible with J3)
imp - invoices are created in language saved in time of order (available 
since VM 2.0.22)
imp - option to display strikethroughed prices before override, defaultly on
imp - option to include HTML into body changed to yes/no (backward 
fix - fixed prices saving incomatibly with VM > 2.0.20
fix - fixed totals in footer when using template with {subtotal_discounted}
fix - fixed older TCPDF version from last update, included 6.0.015 again
fix - minor fixes

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