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JROOT/administrator/language/cs-CZ/cs-CZ.com_vminvoice.ini : chyba na řádku 788

COM_VMINVOICE_DELETE_CREATED_INVOICES_DESC=" - missingToto smaže informace o faktuře jako číslo faktury nebo datum vystavení. Objednávka bude zachována a pokud splňuje podmínky, nová faktura bude hned vytvořena, stejně jako kdyby šlo o novou objednávku."

Also debugger says error in en-gb file
JROOT/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_vminvoice.ini : chyba na řádku 473, 508
Error in Czech trans ...
Category: Translations
Hi dajo,
thank you for your reply, i am glad i could help a little. ;-)
You are true with that language realoading. It is much more better fix.

Anyway i found another thing to upgrade in artio ;-)

Default joomla Languagefilter plugin can change site title according to settings in Language manager. You can specify Site title for each lang.

It is wery easy to add this func in ARTIO JoomSEF plugin
in file plugins/system/joomsef/joomsef.php
put this code at the end of function onAfterInitialise (its about line 125)
$app = JFactory::getApplication();
if ($app->isSite()) {
$tag = JFactory::getLanguage()->getTag();
// Adding custom site name
$languages = JLanguageHelper::getLanguages('lang_code');
if (isset($languages[$tag]) && $languages[$tag]->sitename) {
JFactory::getConfig()->set('sitename', $languages[$tag]->sitename) ;
Pull request / Sugge ...
Category: JoomSEF 4
i am using ARTIO JoomSEF for some time and i would like to ask if is there some GIT repository or any option how to "Pull Request" some changes i made in This product and i think it would be good for everyone to apply it in next release.

Here are 2 things i think that should work better.
Both is when you use multilanguage site.

// Redirect root URL to URL with language code
Here is problem with this line 853 in file com_sef/joomsef.php
JFactory::getApplication()->redirect(JRoute::_($link), '', 'message', true);

This makes redirection 'HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently' from root domain to default language url.
BUT when user change language to some other its set in cookie... And when he come next time to root domain it switch back do default language, because 301 redirection is saved in browser cache and its more powerful than cookies...
I suppose to change this line to this:

This makes only 'HTTP/1.1 303 See other' redirection.
Anyway i think 307 redirection would be even better.

// Correct FaLang support for translations
Here is problem with code between lines 141 - 156 in file com_sef/joomsef.php
if ($sefConfig->langEnable && $check == false) {
$langVar = $uri->getVar('lang');
if (!empty($langVar)) {
$langCode = JoomSEF::getLangCode($langVar);
if (!is_null($langCode)) {
$curCode = JoomSEF::getLangCode();
if ($langCode != $curCode) {
// URL language is different from current language,
// change current language for correct translations
$language = JFactory::getLanguage();
$prevLang = $language->setLanguage($langCode);

this whole part of loading language of URL destination is problematical in some cases.
For instance if you have language swither module on your website. It makes loading all language files and redefine all global lang constans that comes in webpage after this module to thle language of the last language link in this module...
I have removed this code and i do not think it makes anythink wrong. Now i do not load language files i do not need.

I dont know if there are any other reasons why ARTIO works this way, but anyone can tell me reason.
And i think these 2 "bugs" makes troubles to many users, because i spen quite lot of hours to figure it out.
Pull request / Sugge ...
Category: JoomSEF 4

i think i have one older web with JoomFish 2.0.1 and, there it was working too, so problem should be in it,
but i still would like to have newest versions ;-)

i have discovered, taht JoomFish have some kind of "Advanced jfRouter plugin" for subscribers from now,
maybe it will be working together fine, but i do not want pay 60EUR just for test

but i make it work...
i have took part of code from jfRouter and implemented it into JoomSEF plugin ;-)
impotant part is that where it recognize active lang and replace configuration parameters with joomfish language configuration

but i cannot guarantee, this solution is bugless
i exatly do not know what i have done ;-))

file to download

btw metadata are not still translated
Joomla 1.5.8 - Jooms ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I just want to report same bug with latest releases still not translating SiteTitle and metadata

Joomla! 1.5.10
JoomSEF 3.2.11
Joom!Fish 2.0.3

or is anyone here who get this to work?
Joomla 1.5.8 - Jooms ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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