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I was blind. Thanks for walking me through this. Now I have created a userlist containing all userlists and now I have them all.
Now there are 2 remaining things bugging me:

1. Is there a way to have a special prefix for profile pages only? Lets say to have a URL like this: Because this way I would be able to prevent search engine to spider the profile pages by excludig this via robots.txt
Or is there another way to prevent spidering of the profile pages.

2. What would be the best practice to make sure the SEF links to the users profile pages get created and stored by Joomsef as soon as possible after the the user has registered.
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Thank you for your reply. Maybe I have a misunderstanding of how this extension works.
I would like to enter the following as URL: and it should show the profile page of this user then.
Is the extension supposed to work this way?
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Category: Extensions
Does the Community Builder extension produce links like ?

If yes, how? If no, when will there be a version which does?
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Category: Extensions
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