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Problem was setting SEF and .htaccess in Joomla
Clear cache and then things look OK.
Problem still exists in no dowload button being available
see parallel entry for extended problem:
front links not func ...
Category: JoomDOC
HI there,
Help please.
I have double (two lines of) "Downloads Home" + "Search Documents" at top of page where file titles are listed and no download buttons for the docs

How do I get a download button at the file and not yet another page to visit to find a download button that does not yet exist, obviously.
Very frustrating...

Sorry - I'm a newbie with this component
Many Thanks for your patient help!
2x Downloads Home+Se ...
Category: JoomDOC
I have a big problem with the installation of your com_joomdoc-2.0.2 and plg_joomdoc_joomdoclink-2.0.0
Front links give me always
No input file specified.
or if there is a page with a header line, it is nothing behind it works.
This is behind an https, too to help ensure only the right people will read.
What to do, please?
Diky moc/Many Thanks!
front links not func ...
Category: JoomDOC
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