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I am using joomla 1.5.15 with joomdoc 2.0.2. As discussed in several postings the editorlink in the the frontend doesn't work properly. (it just opens the downloads home)

I tried the solutions as recommended but the don't work.
* reinstalling components and plugins
* moving the plugin folder (in 2.0.2 there is only an extension folder, moving doesn't help)
* using other editors (tiny mce instead of jce)

It works perfectly in the backend.

I would be glad if I could get some support, my user are hugh fans of this extension, but it is little usefull when you can't limk documents from the frontend (most users have only access to the frontend)

Thanks in Advance

PS: off topic, is it possible to change my username, an r is missing ;)
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on my webserver I have to use the joomla ftp layer. it works fine but I can't change the parameters of the themei.
(An Error Has Occurred: Unable to open config file to write!) Only if I make it writeable to everyone (777) which I would like to avoid. I wonder if that is a bug.

Thanks for your help and thanks or this great component.

best regards
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