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Thanks for your reply,
I will wait that bug is fixed on your next release.
Best R
Bug on free Book it ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
Good evening,
I expect to buy a paid or pro version of book it (seems a very usefull extention!), so I downloaded the free version to test it on a localhost on Joomla 2.5 / Yoothme recent template / french language config...

It seems that there is an UFT-8 caracter problem, here is an screen of the front end.
Is there a solution for this problem ? Is the same on pro or paid version? is it a configuration problem on my side (probably!) ?

Other questions :
  1. On how many different website can I use with one licence (49 or 99) ? What is a "testing url" ?
  2. Is it exact that I can configurate a rent for diferrent prices depending of the period of the year and this whith no limit ?
  3. After 1 year update wil I have to pay the full price to continue update ?
  4. Will I have to pay a VAT ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Bug on free Book it ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
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