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In the ordelist, when clicking the order number, VM shows the complete order/ VM invoice.
The VM order has the customer e-mail address.

In the orderlist, when clicking on the user, it will show:
JUser::_load: Unable to load user with id: -214e-mail address... Only the user.

Do you have a solution to get VM invoice working with VM working in "No account creation" mode.
Multiple curren give ...
Category: VM Invoice

I' still strungling with this problem. Could it be because I'm using, "No Account Creation" for VM?
As my log file is reporting "no recipients were listed":

malformed header from script. Bad header=No recipients were listed.: index.php
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Category: VM Invoice
according to the maker:
The global $CURRENCY is set in global.php, lines 40-53. It is a user-chosen currency conversion class, but VirtueMart only ships with one default converter, located in administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/currency/convertECB,php.
"CURRENCY" global va ...
Category: Customer Support
I am using UPSv2 shipping module,
When creating a pdf file, vminvoice gives the following error, Fatal error: Call to a member function convert() on a non-object in ../classes/shipping/upsv2.php on line 1340

line 1340: // convert the currency to whatever the user chose
$user_currency_shipping = $GLOBALS['CURRENCY']->convert($order_shipping,$shipping_currency,$this->currency);

How can I add the CURRENCY variable in vminvocie?
"CURRENCY" global va ...
Category: Customer Support
My logo is stretched to a bigger size in the pdf invoice file. Where can I change this logo size?
Logo stretched in pd ...
Category: Customer Support
Didn't help, This is what I have done:

1. manually re-install all the files from the original 1.4.2 package (also the database tables, as in the xml file)
(result: same error)

2. Completely remove all files and database tables of vminvoice
(result: same error)

3. Complete remove my test server (including database) and reinstall (from current backup) from my production server (Joomsef installed, vminvoice has never been installed).
- install vminvoice
Now when creating a PDF from the admin menu it give this error:
Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www//libraries/joomla/html/parameter.php:83) in /var/www//administrator/components/com_vminvoice/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 8073
TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output to browser, can't send PDF file.

* I have search the forums for this error, but couldn't find anything relevant.
* I have tried everything with joomfish and languages
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Category: VM Invoice
Didn;t give more info...
Fatal error: Call to undefined method CurrencyDisplay::getinstance() in /var/www/administrator/components/com_vminvoice/helpers/invoicehtml.php on line 51
(on screen)

And in the error log still the same:
malformed header from script. Bad header=No recipients were listed.: index.php

The cronjob gives also an error 500:
GET /?option=com_vminvoice&task=cronMail&view=vminvoice HTTP/1.0" 500 544 "-" "Wget/1.10.2"

I've checked all files including the plugin, it;s the latest version 1.4.2
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Category: VM Invoice
When I use multiple valuta ( EUR standard valuta, USD order currency) then the plugin gives the following error:
malformed header from script. Bad header=No recipients were listed.: index.php

Removing the order with the different currency (in my case USD) all works fine.

I'm using the latest versions:

VM invoice: 1.4.2
JoomSef : 3.7.6
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Category: VM Invoice
I tried using different domains for joomfish in the joomsef config, e.g.
dutch <domainname>.nl (main site)
english <english-domainname>.com

Everything works fine except when using the .com domain you're not able to add the product to the cart (ajax).
I think the ajax prevent accessing from different domain. Is there a solution for this?

(Now I am using domain forwarding with frame to tackle this problem)
Virtuemart + joomfis ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
In virtuemart the order number is generated prior to the payment process/ confirmation.
When a customer decides NOT to pay and cancel the order the order number is already created.

(for tax purposes the invoice number must be sequential).The order number cannot be the invoice number .
When a customer cancels the order there will be a gap in the invoice number.

customer status order# invoice#
A confirmed 1 1
B pending 2 x
C confirmed 3 2
D cancelled 4 x
B confirmed 2 3
E confirmed 5 4

is this possible with VM invoice?
Order# is not invoic ...
Category: Customer Support
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