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I am facing the same problem. Now I am not able to validate the functionality. Making a reservation is not possible. How does Artio expect me to buy the full version, when the demo version is not working?

Hello JAN: Please give us an answer why there is no payments.php file in the package.
Is this strategy or a mistake?
We are waiting how to procede (5 posts already about this error)

Or is your component obsolete?
Please respond!
file payments.php no ...
Category: Community Support
I am evaluating your extension; it is very easy to configure and has fantastic styling possibilities.
I am missing an important feature for my business.

I need to define a Base Tariff for the object regardless from the rental period (kind of setup cost). For the rental period: Total price = Base Tariff + (Number of days x day rental price)

Example: For my machine is
Base Tariff EUR 30,-
Price per day = EUR 5,-
Deposit EUR 50,-

When the customer makes a reservation for 5 days, the rental cost is in total EUR 30 + 5 x EUR 5 = EUR 55,-. Deposit calculation will remain standard.

Expectation: The Base Tariff is defined the same way as the Deposit is defined. This is an additional column in the Admin form and an additional row in the Front form. The Base Tariff can not be changed or enabled/disabled by the customer. The Base Tariff is added in the calculation.
The base tariff is not visible in the Front form when the Base Tariff value is Null.

Is there a possibility that this funtionality will be implemented in the upcoming release(s)?

Thank you very much for your response.


Base Tariff definiti ...
Category: Booking
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