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Hello mitk, i´m using joomla 3.5.1 with php 5.5.15 with xammp over a localhost (by now).

Problems with artio ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
Hi, I'm testing the Free version 2.3.8 of Artio Booking before purchasing the Pro version, now I have two problems.:

1.) - I have 10 units of an object.
- I set the avalaible Max Capacity to 10 and set the Show Quantity to Yes
- I want to book this items all day, so i set the type of reservation to Daily and assign a price to it.
- The first time , the calendar shows 10 units every day. If i book one item (for one day), the quantity displayed for that day after reservation must be 9, but is always 10.
- If i change the type of reservation to hourly (ej. 60 min) and i book one item for one hour the quantity display is 9 and so on.

Why i can´t set the type of reservation to Daily to see the correct quantity of items after a reservation?

2) I want a user to see all the reservation made by all users from the front-end
- I have created a user and assign the "Make Global Manager" role from Artio Reservation Managers to that user.
- I have created a menu that point to Reservation Management (for Admins)
- When i logged with that user, i can´t view all the reservations. I view only the reservations made by that user if any.
- If i assign the "Make Global Manager" role to a Super-User then i can view all the reservations made by all users

I want to assign this to a normal user, not a SuperUser.

Any Help?

Thanks in advance.
Problems with artio ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
I`m trying the free version of Artio Booking. I have one item (with avalaible quantity of 10) and set the reservation type to daily. I've set the show capacity and show occupancy to yes. When I make reservations the number shown the avalaible capacity is always 10. Why??

Excuse for my english, i´m spanish.
Is a bug?
Category: Community Support
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