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I have created a "Category Blog Layout" page that shows (and links to) Articles. The link is in this format

The articles linked to from the blog layout don't respect the JoomSEF URLs. They all show their old format:
instead of the SEF URL:

The SEF URL works, it's just not being generated as a link when an article is linked from a blog category format page. Visiting the SEF URL takes me to the article page, but the article title still links to the old, long URL. I think this is the same issue.

I have tried making menu items for each article, and this makes no difference.

I am getting somewhere with it when I add a custom SEF URL of article.html pointing at:
and ask it to ignore id and catid in the content extension of JoomSEF. This generates URLs like:
This tells me the links are being managed by JoomSEF, just not when I try to manually add an individual SEF URL for one article.

Can you help me with this please?
Article URLs in "Cat ...
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