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check with a default template like beez5.
To resolve jquery and mootools problem I used to installed this plugin :

jQuery Easy
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support
Hi the only difference a saw with my configurations the the interval set to 60 in your category and subcategory.

Try without value because you always have determinate one.
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support

Did your have category and sub category ?
Personnally i used it.

My configurations are :
-first category : NO PRICES -
- sub category : I have create one price But I used without PRICES in the global parameters. I just defined the hours and the day to make the reservation.

See the captures
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support
Yes I havez solved the problem.
First I have switched the langage on english because the french version where not working.

Then to make the calendar cliquable enven you don't have price, you have to create a price, with the specification of houly or daily.
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support
It's incredible.
That's a commercial component !
Personnally I don't have the old version so it is impossible for me to install it to test if my problem are resolved.

Artio administrator never reply to the post.
I don't understand their reasons ?
Is it possible to have a link to the old version ?

Thank you
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support
Yes personnaly I think that it is ripp of.
I would like to get my money back !

It's incredible to have so much bug and problem with a commercial component !!

It's a shame, and I will report it on

There's no response from the support and no corrective.
Error (2.1.0)
Category: Customer Support
I just have bought book it 2 component.
THe component don't install correctly and to work correctly.

The administration display the name of the variable instead of the value.

I try to install it on different configurations but it is always the same problem

Joomla 2.5.14 PHP 5.3.X
Joomla 3.1.5 PHP 5.4.14

I tried to install data example, the content display correctly on frontend but it is impossible to book any object. The calendar is no clickable as the booking is always booking. (there is no booking in the administration !!!)

I would like to understead why this component don't work properly as i bought it 49 € !!!

You will see many capture discribe this problem.
component completly ...
Category: Customer Support
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