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1. Can "Book It" handle two or more locations for our residences. At the moment, we have two but we plan to expand our accommodations to a dormitory and an apartment. Do I need to buy "Book it" for each residence or can Book it handle multiple types of accommodations? (Perhaps a select button or picture button to take us to that particular type of accommodation).

2. My boss wants students/agents to go online, look for availability and reserve a room. Full payment or deposit must be paid before reservation can be made through Paypal gateway Can this be done with "Book it"

3.I am sure the data/report can be exported to excel or pdf.
I would like "Book it" to calculate and print an invoice that includes Rent fee, Administrative fee, Maintenance fee, and Placement fees plus Security Deposit." At the moment, we are manually giving quotes by detailing these fees. Our method of sending the quotes and invoices are through email. If a student is looking at the availability for certain weeks or study block, a quote will be presented detailing the charges. If full payment or deposit is paid, then an invoice/receipt is shown to be printed. Can this be done with Book it.

4. Is it safe to assume that in the administrator's section, I should be able to see the reserved room and information about the location of the rooms, student/client information and make changes to the reservation if needed

I have Artio component already installed in my test site. I just want to know if the above can be done with your software before purchasing it. I will have to learn how to use your software so that I can adapt it to system. I will download the instructions soon. I am now playing with your demo site.

Thank you.
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
I am thinking of using "Book IT" in my Joomla install to handle two of our residences.

Our private school handles two residences to handle accommodations for our students.
In one of the residences, the rentals are on weekly basis from Sat to Sat or from Sun to Sun.
The other residence are being rented on study block basis of every four weeks. Total of 13 study blocks
per year. The beginning of study block starts on a Monday but it is not always on the first Monday of each month.
This means that even if a student starts on the third week of a study block, he would have to be booked for the four
weeks of that study block and pay for four weeks. At the moment, we are only looking at using "Book it" just
for reservation. Only the adminstrators/managers can make the reservation and not open to the students/public.
Payment gateway is not required at this time. I am sure the data/report can be exported to excel or pdf.
I would like "Book it" to calculate and print an invoice that includes Rent, Admin, Maintenance, and Placement fees plus Security Deposit. Book It should be able to upload agreement for each client or buttons or a select fields to show agreement was completed. Can Book IT be configured to handle this. Which version should I use? Is Book It 2 and Book 2 Pro the same software and the difference between the two is the service/support?

setting up booking o ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
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