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I have tracked down the problem to the JoomSEF addon and HikaShop extension.

During a purchase of a product with a downloadable file within HikaShop, the confirmation email that is sent after the order is completed contains a download link.

Typically when JoomSEF is not installed or disabled this download link is something similar to:

Customer-area is the alias of the page linked to from my menu that goes to the HikaShop user area and file_id/order_id depend on what was purchased etc. but as you can see it has a reasonably nice structure before using JoomSEF.

Anyway, when using JoomSEF and the HikaStore extension to make all my pages and links more SEF, it changes the download link within their order confirmation email to:

Firstly as you can see it replaced the nice URL structure with not so nice looking variables, not sure why, isn't it supposed to do the exact opposite, secondly it duplicated the main domain part of the URL for some reason.

Can anyone help with fixing this or blocking it from modifying the links using within the email for downloads as there was nothing wrong with the original link, I used JoomSEF for the main site and just some of the other store and cart-based pages of HikaShop that were not as SEF as I would have liked.

So if I can either:

a) fix the download link within the email to remove the duplicate domain


b) fix the whole link so it looks nicer and goes back to using the friendly structure rather than all those variables

While retaining the functionality of all the other link SEF for HikaShop pages etc.

I just need to know what settings to modify, where to edit etc. to get this to work right.

I am using the latest Joomla! 3.8.3 and the current free versions of HikaShop and JoomSEF and the paid JoomSEF HikaShop extension.

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