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Skydk777 wrote:
I installed the sample data along with the installation. And can see them in the back end. But the front end is empty.

Have you asigned a Menu or a Link for the booking list ?

If not go to Menu manager and create a new menu item under Main Menu " with the desired name " and then on the Menu Item Type select -> ARTIO Booking » Bookable Item List from the selectable list.

Make sure all the necessary Artio Modules and Artio Plugins are enabled.

It should open the list of bookable items when you press the menu link
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Category: Customer Support
Hi there,

Below is a list of features I think should be integrated with the new version as it would make ARTIO Booking a lot better.

1 - Add the option to display the bookable items list in the frontend page in columns also

2 - Add more image gallery modules to the image display inside a bookable item

3 - The periodic calendar shoud be something more simple, it should have only the dates the user wants to insert withouth the need for recurrence which makes it look ugly as hell.

4 - Change the calendar inside the bookable item... make it like the web calendar allowing user to click the icon and the calendar pops up and then he can navigate and choose the dates.

5 - Add the option to change the bookable item layout in a more detailed way.

6 - Every time a user clicks the price range on the bookable item it loads the page again and goes to top... this is not good and will make users to be frustrated when trying to book something.
The options should all be enabled after selecting the month you want to book.

7 - Search module is very annoying, when you insert a price it will reload the page, disable this function and have it reloading the page only after you press search button.
Also remove the " The search is active press reset " functionality, have it displaying the search results and after you click on any other link / menu or whatever it resets automatically.

8 - Search module also doesn't work very well, when selecting a certain property and search for it all the items will display... which makes it useless.

9 - Allow prices to be displayed in the bookable item list on frontend

There are a lot more things that should be changed to make this perfect but you really have to work on it !!!
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Category: Feature Requests
Hey I dont know if this might help you or not but try installing the sample data that comes with the installation.

I had no data also and I was unable to create anything as I was having some DB errors.

1 - Unninstall and Clear Cache
2 - Re-install it
3 - After you see " Installed successfully " below you will have a link there to enable you to install sample data, do it and then just delete what you dont need or edit*

Good luck !!!
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Category: Customer Support
jitr wrote:

1. The payment method icon list is in folder plugins. Maybe this folder is unreadable from internet. Try check what is value of src param in <img/> tag.
2. OK, it is current version.
3. What do you mean exactly? Bookable item photo gallery at the frontend item detail page?
4. Options of periodic layout are set-able in Configuration/Period Calendar. There you can disable one.

Regarding point 3, what I would like is to integrate another type of image gallery module instead of the 2 you provide.

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Various - HELP !!!
Category: Priority Support
Also to add to the problems i'm finding:

When paying, no matter what method of payment I choose, if I press pay at the end it will allow the booking to go through and displays the following message to the user:

Successfully received deposit
Successfully actived

Bug ?!?
Various - HELP !!!
Category: Priority Support
1 - The plugins are published, at least the ones i want to use, still no icon showing up.

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2 - I have the following version which I think is the latest, Artio Booking 2.2 and Joomla 2.5.16

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3 - Is there a way of changing the slideshow module inside the bookable items and have a different one?
The slideshow is poor and I have other modules for images that I can use.

4 - Regarding the bookable items -> DATE RANGE under - > PRICES.
I want to change it to a periodic season every year without the need to specify the year, the periodic calendar is not very good as it will provide the user too many options.

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Thanks for the help!!! There will be more questions and problems coming soon
Various - HELP !!!
Category: Priority Support
If you cant help your costumers you should not be in business

You say you reply within 2 working days and it's false
I have also sent you an email 1 week ago and no reply

You can't expect people to pay for support when your products don't work properly, that is a fraudulent way of earning money.

I'm sorry if this post is offensive in any way, but these are the facts.

I have so many other questions and I feel it's a complete waste of time posting them wondering if I will ever get help.
Various - HELP !!!
Category: Priority Support
Hi there,

I have a couple of things which I need help with as I cant get them to work.

1 - My payment method icons are not showing ( on the backend and frontend ), i get like missing image links and when I try opening the images on another window I get " error 403 forbidden ), I know the payment plugins are not active in my picture but even if they are active I still cant get the icon images being displayed.

2 - How do I make featured bookable items to show on my home page, but just the featured ?

3 - When I use booking search module and select dates which are unavailable all the bookable items show up... whats wrong ?

4 - Is there a way of showing the bookable item list in 2 columns, instead of being displayed in a list ?

5 - Is there a way of Auto resetting the search after it has been used... instead of having the " Global search is active. To disable filter click on reset button. " It's very annoying for costumers to have to reset search and keep on navigating with that warning on top.

I could really use some help fast !!!

Various - HELP !!!
Category: Priority Support
Hi all,

This might be a simple thing but I dont know how to fix it.
My payment Icons are not being displayed and I have a fresh Joomla 2.5.16 and Bookit2 installed

Thanks in advance !
Payment Icons Not Sh ...
Category: Customer Support
Hi There,

I have two questions and would need some help on how to solve them.

1) Is it possible to use other modules for the Immage Gallery Style? If so, how do I implement them ?
2) Is it possible to have different style calendar? The default one is ugly and I would like to change it... where ?

Image Gallery Style ...
Category: Customer Support
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