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Good afternoon and thank you for looking at my post.

I am transitioning my Church's website from a clunky, HTML site to a nice, new Joomla-based site. There is one thing that I am wanting to implement and I am hoping that Joomdoc can help me.

Our Church publishes bulletins every week. Currently, I list these bulletins (which are 300k-600k PDF files) by date on their own page (Joomdoc allows me to do this without issue). What I'd like to do is show only the latest bulletin on the front page while giving a visitor the option to see all of the bulletins on another page. And each week I upload a new document, I'd like that new document to then be displayed (automatically) on the front page.

The benefit I'm trying to gain here is to allow someone to come to our site and immediately see the latest bulletin without maneuvering to another page.

So, as a Joomdoc newbie, I would guess I'd need to be able to do the following:

1) Upload all documents to a category (in this case, "Bulletins").
2) Sort these documents by date entered.
3) Pick the most recent document and display a link on the front page.

Is this something that is possible with Joomdoc?

Your insight is appreciated.
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