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bestpesca wrote:

I noticed this problem.
after all URLs are deleted with the MANAGE SEF URLs function, the JOOMSEF does not automatically regenerate all URLs of the site.

Only URLS are generated by click on the site.

That is true: Only URLS are generated by click on the site. So, you can use a web crawler to click on every page on your site. A good free web crawler is "Zenu's Link Sleuth". The name sounds funny, but the product is very good and free. You can download it from a reputable site like Cnet dot com.
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I ran into the same warning messages, when I upgraded Joomla to 3.7.0.

I think if you purchase JoomSEF, then you get access to the paid users forum. Also, ARTIO seems to have a support ticket system for paid users. But paying may not help you at this time, since mitk said "unfortunately JoomSEF is not compatible with Joomla 3.7 yet."

nethead wrote:
joomsef only indexes maybe 10% of the URLs of my site.

I find that sometimes I have to manually go to a page before JoomSEF will index it. So, web crawlers which generate sitemaps are useful for this. Xenu Link Sleuth is one that I use. It is free and you can download from
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