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Joomsef not working for internal URLs
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TOPIC: Joomsef not working for internal URLs

Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #39973

For me, Joomsef is working for most of the links. I have moved my website to a new host and it is showing 404 for only some links. My client actually linked using itemid only and these links are showing 404. For eg : index.php?Itemid=216 is redirecting incorrectly. It is not taking the category section. It has to be redirected to healing/main-lessons.html ,but it is redirecting to mainlessons.html only and showing 404. how can I fix this. Only URLs in the categosy healing has got this issue I think. I have .htaccess enabled and Rewritebase is correct. Also there is no changes to any other sections as I copied the complete DB and site files. This will be very helpful if anyone can help e as this is urgent,

Re: Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #39975

This domain is actually added as an addon domain to the new server. If I use the complete url for the domian, I mean everything is working fine. Need to change something somewhere But don;t know what is . Please help me,

Re: Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #39987

  • dajo
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If this only happens when you access the link with one domain but not with the other, there may be the old redirect cached somewhere. Try clearing the caches in Joomla and JoomSEF and also clear your web browser cache.
ARTIO Support Team

Re: Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #39988

I have tried the caches. I think there must be something to be added with .htacees. I am adding the current file here

This is now there in the SEF part. I have added the last two lines. The issue is , when I access the URL through

it is redirected to page. But needs to be redirected to

While, as I told I have added it as a addon domain. So when I access the site through

everything working fine.


Even though here I am added it in the name as htaccess.txt, in my server it is .htaccess. Also please note that the site is redirected to old server because of the issue and now only I changed name servers back to new host. So if it is working fine, it is the old site

Re: Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #40001

I turned on the debug mode and it displays the following quries :

SELECT `a`.`vars`, `u`.`sefurl`
FROM `jos_sefaliases` AS `a`
INNER JOIN `jos_sefurls` AS `u`
ON `u`.`id` = `a`.`url`
WHERE `a`.`alias` = 'main-healing-lessons.html'
AND `u`.`trashed` = '0'

SELECT `file`, `params`
FROM `jos_sefexts`

FROM `jos_sefurls`
WHERE ((`sefurl` = 'main-healing-lessons.html') OR (`sefurl` = 'main-healing-lessons.html/'))
AND (`origurl` != '')
AND (`trashed` = '0')
ORDER BY `priority`

It is selecting where `sefurl` = 'main-healing-lessons.html' where it should be `sefurl` = 'healing/main-healing-lessons.html' This is happening for only one category called healing. For all the other categories everything is working fine. Can some one have a look here ?

Re: Joomsef not working for internal URLs 11 years ago #40023

Managed to fix this. I have added aliases for each of the link in this category. Used a php script to fetch all the links in healing category and this itemid links are added as aliases to real links . These is added to joomsef_aliases table and now everything is working fine. :)
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